Big Time Rush Big Time Rush

Big Time Rush
8/7c Nickelodeon
Tonight the guys get to meet a celebrity who, like them, was a teenager who leaped from obscurity to fame: Season 6 American Idol winner Jordin Sparks. However, the guys aren't allowed to hang out with her or even really go near her because Gustavo thinks they'll bring her bad luck. As Gustavo works on a new song with Jordin, the boys set out to prove him wrong — and show him that they may even be good-luck charms. — Jennifer Sankowski

World Cup Soccer
9:30/8:30c ESPN
Coach Bob Bradley's U.S. squad meets group-leading Slovenia in a matchup of teams that saw the lively World Cup soccer ball bounce their way in opening matches. American Clint Dempsey and Slovenian Robert Koren were credited with their team's only goals on solid strikes that caromed off poorly positioned goalkeepers for England and Algeria. The Yanks ride into Johannesburg off a draw that can be labeled "feel-good" for everyone but keeper Tim Howard, who took a cleat to the ribs, while Slovenia's first-ever Cup win sent a message that the tournament's smallest nation is no pushover. — Roger Leister

8/7c CBS
Psychic drama mama Allison DuBois does the time warp in this March repeat. The series takes a bounce back in time to Allison and Joe's nuptials, a special day that finds the couple prepping for their big "I do" moment. But even as she opens this new chapter in her life, Allison sees her paranormal gift coming into play, and she's forced to face up to its ever-expanding powers. Bruce Gray and Kathy Baker return in their roles as Joe's parents. Actor David Paymer directed the episode. — Dean Maurer

Miley Cyrus in London: Live at the O2
8/7c ABC
Miley Cyrus drops her Hannah Montana persona and throws a party as a pop star at London's O2 Arena to promote her 2010 CD, Can't Be Tamed, slated for release next week. The concert, replete with soaring special effects and glitzy choreography, features cuts from the new album, as well as such older songs as the hit singles "7 Things,"  "Party in the U.S.A" and "The Climb." The concert was part of a wildly successful world tour that included record-breaking crowds in London. — Fred Mitchell

Discovery Saved My Life
9/8c Discovery
Doctors, nutritionists and other health advocates (including parents) may claim that a sedentary, "coach potato" life in front of the television can shorten lifespan, but maybe that isn't so. In any event, this program offers up some evidence to the contrary. Tune in to meet six TV viewers who cheated death thanks to tips they picked up from programs featured on the Discovery Channel. — Michael Chant

9/8c CW
Some folks think Paris Hilton is a demon. Well, they're right. At least in this episode from October. Hilton guest stars as a demonic creature who takes the form of...Paris Hilton. The mystery takes place in a small town where icons, like Abraham Lincoln, and infamous objects, such as James Dean's car, are killing people. Enter a bloodthirsty Paris Hilton, who takes part in killings and kidnappings. — Tim Holland

10/9c CMT
Grammy winners, renowned songwriters, dulcet singers and formidable guitar stylists (not to mention guys known for their looks as well as their hooks) John Mayer and Keith Urban unite for an impressive romp through their respective songbooks. Songs include Mayer's "Perfectly Lonely" and "Gravity" and Urban's " 'Til Summer Comes Around." They also deliver an absolute tour de force on Urban's feel-good anthem, the hit single "Sweet Thing." — Fred Mitchell