The Bachelorette The Bachelorette

The Bachelorette
8/7c ABC
Bye-bye mansion, hello... world. Ali and her 11 suitors embark on an around-the-world tour. Bet she remembered to pack the roses. First stop: New York, where it's Kasey's turn to deal with Ali's fear of helicopters. In addition, he must also deal with her questions. Later, Ali gets sick, delaying her date with Chris L. (The two are serenaded by Joshua Radin and the Harlem Boys Choir.) She also gets an InStyle makeover, appears in Broadway's The Lion King with one of the guys, and pares the field to nine before the Bachelorette love jet heads off to Iceland. — Paul Droesch

World Cup Soccer
2/1c ESPN
The many new South African soccer facilities that were dangerously behind schedule two years ago are instead emerging as architectural marvels during first-round play. Green Point Stadium in Cape Town is no exception as it hosts defending-champion Italy against Paraguay in an international edition of Monday-night football. The ultramodern structure stands in contrast to the Italian roster, which critics fear has been kept a little too intact by coach Marcello Lippi after Andrea Pirlo and Co. brought 2006 glory to the Azzurri. — Roger Leister

Secret Life of the American Teenager
8/7c ABC Family
Last year, Amy wanted to travel to Italy with Ben, but she couldn't leave her infant son. This year, she has a great opportunity to attend a music program in New York City, but that's still very far from her home in California. Amy's ready to dismiss the whole idea based on the distance of the program, but all hope is not lost. Meanwhile, Jack has the opposite problem: He wants to stay in California to finish his senior year after his parents move, yet he still hasn't found a place to crash. — Jennifer Sankowski

Warren the Ape
10:32/9:32c MTV
What does an out-of-work D-list puppet actor do when his life hits rock bottom? He gets his own reality show, of course. That's the premise of this new scripted comedy, a parody of the celeb reality genre. It follows Warren the Ape, a washed-up former sidekick from the 2002 Fox sitcom Greg the Bunny, as he tries to weasel his way back into the Hollywood limelight. In the premiere, Warren steps out of his drug-and-booze-induced haze long enough to audition for a commercial, and he's not above sabotaging a rival puppet actor to improve his odds of getting hired. — Karen Andzejewicz

For Neda
9/8c HBO
The world was awed by digital images of Iranians protesting their nation's 2009 presidential election, but none captured the public's attention like the death of Neda Agha-Soltan, whose final moments on June 20 were seen by millions. Thanks to an Iranian journalist's clandestine interviews with her family and friends, this 2010 documentary chronicles Neda's role as an accidental activist and the tumultuous events leading up to the day she died. Tehran-born actor Shohreh Aghdashloo narrates. — Joe Friedrich

Saving Grace
10/9c TNT
Holly Hunter's unyielding crime series inches toward to its close — the series finale airs next Monday with back-to-back episodes. Hunter's girl-gone-wild top cop Grace Hanadarko continues her rocky road to spiritual self-actualization in this episode, but the aftermath of a tragic event leaves her wracked with guilt. Meanwhile, Capt. Perry delivers big news. And tonight's prime crime investigation is a heady one: The team combs for clues to solve a beheading. — Dean Maurer

The Big Bang Theory
9:31/8:31c CBS
Who's the perfect match for an actor playing a genius? A genius who's an actor, of course. Bazinga! Actress and real-life math whiz Danica McKellar, best remembered as Winnie Cooper in The Wonder Years, guest-stars in this episode from January in which Sheldon tries to help Koothrappali meet women at a university mixer. Elsewhere, Leonard is horrified to learn that Penny believes in psychics. — Bill Ecklund