Whale Wars Whale Wars

Whale Wars
9/8c Animal Planet
In the Season 3 premiere, Captain Watson leads a fleet of three anti-whaling ships against the wily Japanese — surely a recipe for three times the adventure. A former Norwegian whaling ship and a speedboat have joined the mission, but the Sea Shepherds still find themselves trying to evade a Japanese reconnaissance ship that has been trailing them through the Antarctic. If something doesn't change, odds are a battle will ensue. — Rhoda Charles

Good Morning America

7/6c ABC
Sean Combs, hip-hop's multimonikered Bad Boy (that's his corporate name), hasn't changed his handle in awhile, but Diddy has been performing with two new sidekicks for the last year or so: Danity Kane alum Dawn Richard and Kaleena. The trio take the stage in New York's Central Park for this morning's Good Morning America Summer Concert, and their latest single, as it happens, is "Hello, Good Morning." — Paul Droesch

7/6c NBC
"Bieber Fever" hits Rockefeller Center when teen popster Justin Bieber performs as part of the 15th annual summer concert series on the Plaza. Bieber is just weeks away from his first headlining world tour, which kicks off June 23, in support of his March 2010 release My World 2.0. — Brie Hearn

National Spelling Bee
8/7c ABC
True, you might be able to make them pick up their rooms or take out the trash, but can you spell "Laodicean"? The 2009 winner did, while previous champs reeled off equally incomprehensible tidbits like "Ursprache," "appoggiatura," and "autochthonous." Most of these kids are in the 12-14 range, but the field runs the gamut from 15 to a mere 8 (she's the sister of last year's winner). And by the way, "Laodicean" means "lukewarm or indifferent in religion or politics." — Dave Roeder

Stargate Universe
9/8c Syfy
The crew wouldn't worry so much about the arrival of new passengers if this was the Love Boat. Col.Telford (Lou Diamond Phillips) gets deprogrammed from some bad-guy brainwashing and tells the Destiny that the Lucian Alliance is preparing to throw a little boarding party. With any luck, Gen. O'Neill's preemptive strike will derail their plans in the first part of the two-part tale. — Michael Chant

Party Down
10/9c Starz
The always adorable Kristen Bell reprises her role as the ever efficient Uda Bengt in this promising episode. Uda, who once worked for Party Down, heads archrival catering company Val Halla. And guess who is hired to cater Party Down's fifth annual company picnic? Yep, Uda's ultra-effective crew. Which, of course, means that the P.D. guys and gals get to embarrass themselves in front of their rivals during the day's wacky competitive events. — Tim Holland

Hal Sparks: Charmageddon
10/9c Showtime
Before actor-comedian Hal Sparks dished up clever commentary on Talk Soup and did a stellar job playing gay on Queer as Folk, he did stand-up comedy for a living and was a member of the famed Second City comedy troupe. And now he's doing a set from the OC Pavilion in Santa Ana, Calif., where he beefs about America's sacred cows and roasts them over the coals. He also contemplates and challenges the idea that men and women are different, riffs on people from rural spots and blows smoke about non-smokers. — Ray Stackhouse