Wipeout Wipeout

8/7c ABC
The hit summer festival of pratfalls is returning for a third season in three weeks, and this preview gives viewers a taste of things to come. Twelve single guys and 12 single women, paired up on blind dates, have a go at the extreme obstacle course, competing for a chance at the $100,000 prize. The gauntlets they'll run include Overdrive, Bruiseball and the evocatively named Love Handles Fling Set. — Fred Mitchell

America's Got Talent

8/7c NBC
It's a showcase for an array of colorful acts — from singers and dancers to comics and magicians — when the showy talent contest returns for its fifth season. There will be those who advance and those who fall flat when country-spanning preliminary auditions begin in Los Angeles — an apt place considering it's the long-held setting for superstar success stories and, sadly, broken entertainment dreams. The summer series comes with a change: New judge Howie Mandel replaces David Hasselhoff and joins the arbiters' table with returnees Piers Morgan and Sharon Osbourne. — Dean Maurer

Losing It with Jillian
10/9c NBC
Biggest Loser trainer Jillian Michaels branches out (but not too far) with her own series, in which she moves in with families around the country to help change their unhealthy lifestyles and address the roots of the bad behaviors. In the opener, Jillian works with a family whose past is interfering with their health. One member had unsuccessful gastric-bypass surgery, and another is planning to have the same procedure, so Jillian steps in to establish a nutrition and fitness plan. — Brie Hearn

Law & Order: Criminal Intent
10/9c USA
Lorraine Bracco guest stars in this episode, which finds Det. Stevens suffering a crisis of conscience. After working to catch a serial killer who was eventually executed (even though he proclaimed his innocence to the very end), Stevens takes a new murder case. The victim bears the hallmarks of the executed serial killer, forcing Stevens to consider that she may be dealing with a copycat — or (worse) that she helped convict an innocent man. — Brie Hearn

10/9c FX
It has been clearly established that Raylan and his father, Arlo (Raymond J. Barry), despise each other, but they do have a common interest: stopping Bo Crowder (M.C. Rainey), who's just out of prison and intent on beefing up his criminal enterprises, which Arlo ran into the ground while he was out of commission. Can father and son team up? The answer begins to emerge tonight. Meanwhile, Bo has a real problem with his own son, Boyd. And Ava's gunning for Bo, too. — Paul Droesch

Hell's Kitchen
8/7c Fox
This is Season 7, and you'd think that by now any chef contemplating entering this contest would have risotto down pat. But you'd be wrong. There is one new wrinkle, however: Gordo's "guarantee" that the opening-night dinner service will be completed. Will his 16 wannabes make him a liar? We won't say, but we will note that one of them must dodge "halibut shrapnel" during a Ramsay assault. The survivor will get a top job at Ramsay's restaurant in London's Savoy Hotel. — Paul Droesch

Life Unexpected
9/8c CW
This heartwarming yet low-rated freshman drama recently got a surprising second-season renewal. Here's a chance see what the fuss is about and catch it from the beginning with a repeat of the pilot. Needing signatures for her emancipation, foster teen Lux tracks down the birth parents she never knew: irresponsible Baze, who lives on top of a bar he runs, and perfectionist Cate, a radio talk-show host. Their encounters are supposed to be brief, but the judge reviewing Lux's case has other ideas. — Jennifer Sankowski