True Beauty True Beauty

True Beauty
10:02/9:02c ABC
A second season opens for the beauty contest in which contestants are judged not only on their physical attributes, but also on their "inner beauty." Five gorgeous women and five handsome men are given $200 to create a look for what they think is a "Face of Vegas" contest. They're also given the chance to steal an item to give themselves an edge before posing for judges in lighted glass cases on the strip. Hidden cameras reveal who takes the moral high ground and who takes the bait. — Fred Mitchell

United States of Tara

10:30/9:30c Showtime
As if the house (and her head) isn't crowded enough already, Tara welcomes yet another new personality. In other Tara goings-on, she and Charmaine take a road trip for a meet-and-greet with the woman who haunts Tara's childhood memories. As for the kids, Kate decides that, for her new relationship with older man Zach, she's going to make some changes; and Marshall contemplates his "feelings" for his also-gay buddy Lionel. And with Charmaine's wedding to Nick coming up, spurned Neil decides he doesn't want to be in Kansas anymore and hits the road. — Ray Stackhouse

Cake Boss

9/8c TLC
Business is booming at Carlo's Bakery in the Season 3 opener, and the cake crew is feeling the pressure with a growing number of high-profile clients, like New Jersey governor Chris Christie, whose team has ordered a huge cake for his inauguration gala. The Valastro family is also about to learn there are some big changes in store for the bakery, as Mama makes a huge announcement concerning its future. — Karen Andzejewicz

Saving Grace
10/9c TNT
The unabashed top-cop series with the weighty themes — sinfulness, forgiveness, redemption, salvation — continues its final season, and so, too, does hard-living Okie detective Grace Hanadarko continue her twisting-and-turning spiritual odyssey. Tonight she must answer to a higher authority and deal with the judgment of her past behavior. Fortunately, she has someone with mighty influence in her corner. His name is Earl. Will the winged messenger offer a helping hand? — Dean Maurer

America the Story of Us
9/8c History
The series concludes with an account of some of our finest moments and darkest hours. America soars to the moon in the space race, but there is also a remembrance of the Challenger disaster. This is also the time that the nation rises to become a global superpower. And yet, all else in this finale is likely to be dwarfed by the chronicle of the 9/11 tragedy. — Bill Ecklund

The Eastwood Factor
10:30/9:30c TCM
Actor-filmmaker Clint Eastwood, in his own words (with occasional fill-in comments by narrator Morgan Freeman), reflects on his life and a more-than-half-century career in this insightful portrait. He talks about early influences like James Cagney and Humphrey Bogart, and offers interesting behind-the-camera tidbits about his productions. Clips are plentiful — from his "most modest film," Bronco Billy; to the "most tough and tender," Million Dollar Baby"; to the "most inspiring movie [he's] ever made," Invictus. — Ray Stackhouse

Dad Camp
10:30/9:30c VH1
Psychologist Jeff Gardere's boot camp to prepare clueless fathers-to-be for parental responsibility began as a light-hearted way to tap into a comically scary concept for VH1's young-adult target demographic. In the light of President Obama's national conversation about the need for fathers to step up for their children, it has become a call to arms. The National Fatherhood Leaders Group has partnered with VH1 to help drive home the message. This could be an oddity in the TV cosmos, a reality show with a conscience. (Don't worry, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, we haven't forgotten you.) — Fred Mitchell