24 24

9/8c Fox
Jack's gone behind the backs of CTU brass before in the course of espionage, and even cut the president out of the loop once or twice, but he's always been able to count on Chloe having his back. Now that she's acting head of CTU, that may no longer be the case, and Jack finds himself calling in a marker from an old friend (Michael Madsen) when things get tight. Meanwhile, President Taylor, who's already reluctantly trusting Charles Logan, enlists someone from the private sector — Mark Bledsoe (D.B. Sweeney) — to help with the crisis. — Fred Mitchell

Gossip Girl

9/8c CW
After a long buildup, we finally get to meet Serena and Eric's mysterious father. William Baldwin taps into his blue-blooded Dirty Sexy Money background to play Dr. William van der Woodsen (not to be confused with his brother, Keith, seen in last season's flashback episode). Though Serena's excited about the reunion, she learns that the reason he's in town is not a good one. As if daddy issues weren't enough, Serena also faces problems with Nate, who has Jenny waiting eagerly to comfort him. — Jennifer Sankowski

United States of Tara
10:30/9:30c Showtime
Toni Collette demonstrates her protean talents in a wild outing that allows for appearances by all of Tara's alters. An "event of startling magnitude," a tornado (or "torando" as it's misspelled on the local news crawl), blows through town, forcing the Gregsons, Charmaine and the gay neighbors to seek shelter in the basement. While huddled underground, newest mental manifestation, therapist Shoshana Schoenbaum, initiates a group session that turns rather stormy. — Ray Stackhouse

Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern
10/9c Travel
You might want to check this out after you've had your dinner, because courageous chowhound Andrew Zimmern is heading to rural Thailand in the Season 4 opener, and he finds foods that even he won't to try. Raw cow placenta, anyone? He does sample a dish he describes as "horrific," and finds some tasty surprises, too, including one that's dug up in a cow pie. We'll take his word for it. — Karen Andzejewicz

RuPaul's Drag Race
9/8c Logo
This is it, race fans: Raven, Jujubee and Tyra Sanchez, all dolled up and sashaying furiously for RuPaul's checkered flag and those PR gigs (plus the $25,000 cash prize) that will go with it when the exhaust clears. You have to think that poor Jujubee has the most ground to make up. S/he has had to lip-synch for her life the last two times out, and tonight's challenge revolves around RuPaul's latest music video. So, gentlemen, start your engines. And, as Ru puts it, "may the best (wo)man win!" — Paul Droesch

Runaway Squad
11:30/10:30c A&E
The first season comes to a close on a bittersweet note. The team conducts a search from Manhattan to Coney Island to find a 14-year-old girl. But, even if they find her, they know that the struggle is far from over, as she has run away three times before. — Bill Ecklund