Smallville Smallville

8/7c CW
Who is the Blur? Everyone wants to know, but Clark's not telling. This means he gets subjected to all manner of plots, schemes and wayward photo-snapping while doing something heroic in a flurry of action. In this episode, he's rescuing Lois from former DA and ex-con Raymond Sacks (Dylan Neal) when a delivery guy catches him on film. Like any entrepreneurial delivery person would do, he puts the picture up for sale and deep-pocketed Checkmate agent Maxwell Lord (Gil Bellows) comes calling. — Rhoda Charles

Who Do You Think You Are?

8/7c NBC
It's suddenly Susan when the inaugural season of the celeb family-tree series begins winding down. (Next week's season finale features Spike Lee.) But this one's all about Susan Sarandon (Oscar winner for 1995's Dead Man Walking) and her family. Sarandon digs deep into the roots of her lineage, unearthing information about her enigmatic grandmother. Detailed ancestral sleuthing and a trip to Italy ultimately lead to a most interesting family discovery. — Dean Maurer

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution
9/8c ABC
Jamie Oliver made great strides in transforming the eating habits of the people in Huntington, W.V., during his time there. But have they been able to sustain his healthy-cooking initiative since he left? He returns to the city in the series finale and is discouraged to find that his Food Revolution has lost its steam. The celebrity chef has one last chance to convince people to improve their diets, so he plans his most dramatic demonstration yet, which will include a surprise performance by the country band Rascal Flatts. — Karen Andzejewicz

Party Down
10/9c Starz
The wannabe showbiz hopefuls moonlighting as caterers-waiters are back for a second serving, and dishy Megan Mullally joins the cast. The new season kicks off with Henry taking over as the new team leader and boy, does he have his hands full. First off, he must contend with a bizarre rock star who likes to go incognito. Then there's the problem of Ron, the former boss who is now back and working for Henry. Finally, Henry must force himself to be all business despite having to work with his ex, Casey. — Ray Stackhouse

Two Kenyan Guys
10/9c National Geographic
Two Kenyan warriors from the Masai and Samburu tribes embark on a voyage of discovery in this three-part documentary series, which follows them as they leave their villages to explore the Westernized world for the very first time. They land in New York City in the series premiere and get their first glimpse at tall buildings, Central Park and Times Square, and their first taste of hot dogs and wheatgrass. — Karen Andzejewicz