Spartacus: Blood and Sand Spartacus: Blood and Sand

Spartacus: Blood and Sand
10/9c Starz
Over these bloody entertaining 13 episodes fraught with carnage and the carnal, Spartacus has gone from Thracian warrior to Roman slave to gladiator trainee to gladiator champion. In the first-season finale, Spartacus hopes to exact revenge on Glaber, who was responsible for his plight, and who had an exacting hand in the death of his wife. To bring his plan to fruition, Spartacus receives welcome support and assistance from a most unlikely ally. — Ray Stackhouse

Wizards of Waverly Place
8:30/7:30c Disney
Sexy Latin superstar Shakira is actually a dude who looks like a lady? That's the shocking secret Alex, Justin and Max discover when they learn that their uncle Kelbo (Jeff Garlin) is the singing sensation as a result of his abusing a weird wizard rule. Worse still, he can't control when the transformation happens. The real Shakira guest stars as herself. Hey, hips don't lie. — Tim Holland

What Not to Wear Awards
9/8c TLC
In seven seasons, Stacy London and Clinton Kelly have given hundreds of fashion victims much-needed makeovers, clearing out one dreadful wardrobe at a time. In this special installment, the fierce and funny hosts are looking back at the most memorable moments in the show's history, from the most dramatic transformations to the biggest breakdowns. There's certainly no shortage of either. — Karen Andzejewicz

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution
9/8c ABC
Last week Jamie Oliver achieved the seemingly impossible when he taught 1000 people to cook in just one week, converting DJ Rod, his biggest skeptic, into a full-fledged advocate of his healthy-cooking initiative. The Food Revolution is gaining steam, but Jamie needs more funding. In order to get the money he needs, he'll have to rely on the testimony of his second biggest adversary in Huntington, Central Elementary head cook Alice Gue. — Karen Andzejewicz

Secrets of the Mountain
8/7c NBC
NBC presents adventurous family fare with this 2010 original movie starring Paige Turco and Barry Bostwick. Turco plays a single mom who decides to sell a cabin she inherited from her uncle. She takes her kids along for a weekend trip to the mountains to finalize the sale, but the outing isn't nearly as dull as simply signing paperwork. Instead, the family uncover a dangerous mystery that someone is determined to prevent them from solving. — Brie Hearn