Treme Treme

10/9c HBO
Saying "David Simon has done it again" may be a cliché, but there's nothing hackneyed about this excellent new series from the creator of The Wire. The show begins three months after Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, and follows its citizens as they try to put their lives back together. As with any Simon project, plot and characters are hard to pin down, but the debut introduces Wire vets Wendell Pierce and Clarke Peters as, respectively, a star-crossed trombonist and a Mardi Gras Indian chief. — Joe Friedrich

Brothers & Sisters
9/8c ABC
As long as we've known them, the Walkers have been adept at self-destruction, though they always seem to rebuild in time to face the next crisis. But ever since Dennis York crawled out of his spider hole with visions of "Narrow Lake," he's posed a threat like none they've ever seen. In this two-hour episode, we flash back to 1986 for clues about this foggy era in Ojai's history, but more shocking than the clothes, hair and music is the secret that William — and Nora — were hiding all these years. — Joe Friedrich

Masterpiece Classic
9/8c PBS
Airing on Holocaust Remembrance Day, the affecting "Diary of Anne Frank" features a commanding performance by relative newcomer Ellie Kendrick as the real-life Jewish teen who, along with her family and four others, hid from the Nazis in secret rooms in her father's Amsterdam office building. Headstrong, moody and intense, she documents her daily trials and tribulations (parental issues, a first love, roommate troubles) in her remarkable diary, a stirring testimony to her tragic life. — Jeff Gemmill

Army Wives
10/9c Lifetime
The fourth season starts with the shot heard 'round the fort as Denise and Frank deal with the results of Jeremy's gunplay. Meanwhile, Roland gets bad news from the battlefield about Joan but keeps it from everyone and focuses on counseling the Sherwoods. Pamela deals with her own family issues by skipping town with the kids, leaving supersoldier husband Chase home alone and without a clue. At least the pregnant Roxy has good news. The dilemma: When to share it — and will Trevor think it's good news? — Rhoda Charles

Family Guy
9/8c Fox
The rest of the world isn't supposed to end until 2012, but the Family Guy gang is ahead of the (end) times: A black hole will swallow them up tomorrow. How to pass the time until then? Peter sets out to do stupid things he has never done before (and actually finds some), while the rest of the Griffins watch TV news. And you can imagine what Quagmire wants to do. Anne Hathaway and Jason Mraz have voice cameos (Hathaway as herself and Mraz as a guy who tells Peter he isn't Jason Mraz). — Paul Droesch