Undercover Boss Undercover Boss

Undercover Boss
9/8c CBS
Roto-Rooter president and COO Rick Arquilla takes the plunge and goes undercover at his Cincinnati-based company, which is the largest plumbing service provider in North America. He certainly gets his hands dirty unclogging drains and toilets as he interacts with employees across the U.S. who believe they are being filmed for a documentary to celebrate the company's 75th anniversary. — Tim Holland

Breaking Bad

10/9c AMC
Another showcase for the brilliance that is Bryan Cranston is also notable for a jarring climactic scene. Walt comes back to the house for what is anything but a welcome homecoming as Skyler, instead of welcoming him with open arms, has him confronted by armed police officers. OK, it's not that dramatic, and the cops don't pull their guns, but it is a little unsettling. She's being pushed to the brink and getting nearer to dropping the dime on him. What she does instead will leave you aghast. — Ray Stackhouse

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
8/7c ABC
The NCAA Tourney has dominated the Sunday ratings lately, but with no games today and EM:HE boasting a new episode with easy-on-the-eyes Jessica Alba in the spotlight, the show should get plenty of Nielsen viewers. This two-hour episode features Texans Larry and Melissa Beach, who might just be the perfect couple for this show. It's fair to call them "extreme" parents — they've given birth to four children, adopted nine more and fostered some 80 others. They'll get their hurricane-ravaged home rebuilt while they take the brood to Walt Disney World. — Fred Mitchell

Good Luck Charlie
8:30/7:30c Disney
With Hannah Montana ending next year, Disney is looking for its next big hit and it may have found it in this winning family sitcom starring Bridgit Mendler in a breakout performance. Mendler is Teddy Duncan, a typical teen living with older brother P.J. (Jason Dolley), younger brother Gabe (Bradley Steven Perry) and their parents. But the Duncan family's world is turned topsy-turvy when baby Charlotte (aka Charlie) arrives. In this first-rate premiere, mom returns to work as a nurse and leaves baby Charlie in the care of her dad and three older siblings. Not a great idea. But a perfect one for laughs. — Tim Holland

How to Make It in America
10/9c HBO
Ben and Rachel have to stop meeting like this. Ever since they broke up, it seems the only encounters they have are when they're being drunk and belligerent on each other's doorstep. And does the fact that Ben invited her in mean he isn't going to Baltimore with Julie? Perhaps that's jumping to conclusions, but in this first-season finale, that's exactly what Cam does when he suspects Rene may not be totally innocent in the Rasta Monsta truck theft. — Joe Friedrich