Saving Grace Saving Grace

Saving Grace
10/9c TNT
Following a seven-month layoff, the unflinching series' third and final season resumes, and so does hard-living Grace's prickly path toward her spiritual destiny. In the first of nine final episodes, Grace — who's now been given the moniker "Angel Cop" — deals with the impact of plummeting from a building with Neely. In due time, she'll also happen upon an enigmatic stranger (Gordon MacDonald). Meanwhile, familial divisions are the result when Ham dates his late brother's widow; and Grace and her crime crew probe a fatal attack by a dog. — Dean Maurer

10 Things I Hate About You
8/7c ABC Family
This teen comedy had a successful run last summer, and now it returns with new episodes for the spring. Picking up where things left off, the Stratford sisters finds themselves in sticky predicaments: Kat is suspended after taking a stand, so she now needs to sneak into school in order to take an important test; and Bianca kissed Joey, so she now needs to prevent Chastity from seeing a surveillance video of that kiss. — Jennifer Sankowski

8/7c NBC
The espionage barrage continues when flash-master Chuck, budding spy though he is, has the honor of picking the finest CIA agents for an undercover mission. But he considers only one very special superspy — the (hushed) love of his life, Sarah. Enter best bud Morgan and best bro-in-law Awesome — both of whom are now aware of Chuck's secret spy life — who try to help him win her back. Casey's at the bat, too: The grumbling veteran spy also steps up to the plate to help, but probably with eye-rolling exasperation. Will Chuck sizzle or fizzle in the Sarah department? Brandon Routh recurs as steely spy Daniel Shaw. — Dean Maurer

United States of Tara
10:30/9:30c Showtime
Things are in a state of confusion and uncertainty, and love is most definitely in the air. Buck's one-night stand with bartender Pammy (Joey Lauren Adams) may actually lead to another round if Tara will let him have the body for a few hours. Recently engaged Charmaine wants to move out of her place with Nick and in with the Gregsons so that she can "revirginate" herself. Marshall, still unsure of his sexual identity, muddies things even further by buddying up with a new pal — a sweetheart of a young lady (Zosia Mamet). — Ray Stackhouse

RuPaul's Drag Race
9/8c Logo
RuPaul has whittled the field down to Jujubee, Pandora, Tyra, Tatianna and Raven (hasta luego, Jessica), and now this glam quintet must take five older guys and turn them into drag queens — make that drag-queen mothers. Debbie Reynolds, Cloris Leachman and NYX Cosmetics founder Toni Ko are the guest judges. — Paul Droesch