Cougar Town Cougar Town

Cougar Town
9:30/8:30c ABC
Although the antagonistic Jules and Grayson can trade insults with the best of them, there's no denying a growing attraction between the two over the course of this first season. But Cougar fans in will-they-or-won't-they mode will have to put those thoughts on hold, because tonight begins a multi-episode arc for Sheryl Crow as Sara, a new love interest for Grayson. And after next week, when the Grammy winner's alter ego greases Grayson's songwriting gears, will Jules even have a chance? — Joe Friedrich

Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains

8/7c CBS
The heroes chose to vote out fireman Tom and keep banged-up James, who is hobbling around on a severely injured leg, in the previous episode. That decision could come back to haunt them if James isn't able to perform up to his usually high level. If the heroes falter, James will likely get his torch snuffed. But what has most everyone worried in this episode is the news of a rare double elimination. Rivals Russell and Boston Rob target one another as the next villain to be ousted, but Russell seemingly has the upper hand because he holds the hidden immunity idol. — Tim Holland

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
10/9c NBC
Singer Jill Scott and Quinton Aaron (The Blind Side) guest star as the sister and nephew of a disabled woman who was beaten and raped. They are not only her relatives but also her caregivers, and those roles put them at the top of the suspect list as Benson and Stabler try to get the victim to tell them what happened. This is no easy task, since the victim's advanced multiple sclerosis renders her unable to speak. — Jennifer Sankowski

The Middle
8:30/7:30c ABC
It's crisis time for Frankie when a hard-nosed motivational consultant (Amy Sedaris from Strangers with Candy) comes to shake things up at the car dealership where she works. Frankie thinks her job may be on the line, so she winds up working extra hours. That leaves Mike with extra responsibilities on the home front, such as helping Brick with a school project, giving advice to Sue's addled former boyfriend and trying to make their home the "fun" house for Axl and his friends by getting a pool table. — Fred Mitchell

Fly Girls
9/8c CW
Take four single Virgin America flight attendants who share a "crash pad" in Marina del Rey, add one bitchy colleague to the mix who is — of course! — a former friend of one of the gals before they had a distasteful fallout, and you have the makings of a soaring reality-series success. At least that's what executives at the CW hope. However, the reality is that Fly Girls stalls at the gate due to its tired and contrived format. Virgin America CEO Richard Branson appears in the opener that focuses on the ladies working a company party in Fort Lauderdale. Suffice it to say, this isn't his finest (half) hour. — Tim Holland