Southland Southland

10/9c TNT
Southland's second season continues to gently reveal its characters' motivations through dynamic stories. Det. Lydia Adams, still dealing with the loss of one partner and adjusting to yet another replacement, confronts her past while investigating the murder of a promising college track star with a similar background. Meanwhile, Ben joins John at the funeral of a friend after visiting a repentant Dewey in rehab and gains insight into his enigmatic partner. — Rhoda Charles

American Idol

8/7c Fox
It was a gas-gas-gas when the dirty dozen performed material from the Rolling Stones' iconic songbook last week, delivering interesting takes on such tunes as "Miss You," "Gimme Shelter," "Wild Horses" and even Tim Urban's bouncy reggae twist on "Under My Thumb." Yet flame-haired Texas songbird Lacey Brown couldn't get any satisfaction. Not even this season's "judges' save" could rescue her from elimination. The final round advances without Lacey tonight, with the Top 11 singers rendering performances and hoping to dominate the stage. — Dean Maurer

9/8c ABC
Sawyer as a cop? It's plausible. And with Miles as his (sidekick) partner and Charlotte as a gal with whom he can't make it work? Why not? After all, this has become the season of character mix and match as we learn more about what makes the Losties tick (in Sawyer's case, like a time bomb). So who'll pop up — and in what situation — when Richard Alpert takes his turn under the microscope? Last time we saw him, we saw his vulnerabilities. Tonight maybe we'll learn more of his (very long) backstory. — Paul Droesch

Biggest Loser: Couples
8/7c NBC
The contestants get to return home but must keep up their diet and exercise regimes while they're gone. This week's challenge should help them stay active, however, because they'll have to ride the length of a full marathon on a stationary bike. The players also face temptation when they learn they can eat up to 48 mini-cupcakes and that each one eaten will allow the player to add five minutes to the end of any contestant's ride. — Brie Hearn

Millionaire Matchmaker

10/9c Bravo
Stanger than fiction: The real world of matchmaking-business queen Patti Stanger continues with more Season 3 dramas and nonfiction friction. While scurrying to build plans for her forthcoming nuptials — her focus this week is the cake — she tries to set up a love match for an erstwhile professional volleyball player, but the case turns challenging when he admittedly shies away from commitment. Her second client is a moneyed trust-fund baby, and Patti promptly appraises him to be cocky and selfish. Worse, a cheating past blemishes his romantic record. Patti stands pat — she won't tolerate cheating. — Dean Maurer