Breaking Bad Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad
10/9c AMC
While Season 2 ended with a bang for Walt and the gang, Season 3 begins in creepy fashion. Everyone is reeling from the mid-air collision of the two planes. Walt is foundering on his own; Jesse is languishing in anguish in rehab; and something wicked their way is a-coming. Walt gets an offer he can't refuse — but he does, and you wonder how long his resolve will last. This unnerving and suspenseful hour is also darkly humorous, and the series hits the ground running. Can't wait to see where it takes us. — Ray Stackhouse

The Simpsons

8/7c Fox
Bart shares a desk in class with a girl named Nikki (voice of Sarah Silverman), flirts with her, and develops a full-blown crush. He tells Grandpa about his situation, and at Grandpa's suggestion, he kisses Nikki, but he soon gets mixed signals and doesn't know what to think. Meanwhile, Lisa's peers may give her no love for being an overachiever, but First Lady — and self-proclaimed nerd — Michelle Obama (voice of Angela Bassett) sings her praises. — Fred Mitchell

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
8/7c ABC
A National Guard hero who reenlisted after 9/11 and served two tours in Iraq gets a helping hand from Ty and his team with rebuilding his house, which was badly damaged in Hurricane Katrina. While Team Pennington gets the job done right, the family goes to Disney World. Christian Slater is the celebrity volunteer, and Celine Dion and the Jonas Brothers also appear. — Fred Mitchell

8/7c Discovery
In the visually stunning opener of this documentary series about wildlife, narrated by talk-show queen Oprah Winfrey, we get a glimpse of the lengths species go to secure life's necessities...namely, food and mates. Three cheetahs demonstrate the value of teamwork; monkeys show off some ingenuity in nut-cracking; and what a stalk-eyed fly will do to hook up makes your best pick-up lines seem woefully inadequate. — Michael Chant

Cold Case
10/9c CBS
Nick is a lost soul and can't tell blue skies from pain in this emotional, taut episode that features songs from iconic rock group Pink Floyd throughout the hour. After hitting rock bottom, Nick goes missing and his concerned team members reinvestigate a 2006 arson-homicide that Nick obsessed over during recent weeks in hopes that it may provide a clue to his whereabouts. Pink Floyd songs include three of their most wrenching compositions: "Comfortably Numb," "Hey You" and "Wish You Were Here." — Tim Holland