FlashForward FlashForward

8/7c ABC
After three-and-a-half months, you're forgiven if your memory of the show is a tad fuzzy. Here's a quick recap: L.A.-based FBI agents Mark Benford and Demetri Noh investigate after 99.999 percent of the world's population passed out en masse for exactly two minutes, 17 seconds and saw six months into the future. In the last episode, Mark turned in his badge, and scientist Lloyd Simcoe, who claimed co-responsibility for the blackout, was abducted. Tonight, Mark sees an FBI-appointed therapist; Dem teams with CIA agent Vogel (Michael Ealy); and Nicole tries to understand her horrifying vision. — Jeff Gemmill

NCAA Basketball Tournament
7/6c CBS
Those who had to work today are no doubt pleased to be able to sit down and root for their favorite teams. But try to remember: In the last seven hours, fans of eight teams have already had their hearts broken, and eight more will fall tonight. Sometimes March Madness just isn't pretty. Kansas and Kentucky, a couple of the tourney's top seeds, are in first-round action tonight. Of course, they'll be up against Lehigh and East Tennessee State...going for that ever-elusive 16 over 1-seed victory. — Dave Roeder

Parks and Recreation
8:30/7:30c NBC
Amy Poehler reunites with her former Saturday Night Live co-star Andy Samberg when the funnyman guest-stars on this seriously underrated comedy, which is really coming into its own (just like The Office did in its second season). Samberg plays Pawnee's head park ranger, who butts heads with Leslie after she accuses him of slacking off on the job. — Karen Andzejewicz

Afghan Star
9/8c HBO
On American Idol, about the worst that can befall a contestant is, let's be honest, a snide remark from Simon Cowell. But in this 2009 documentary, which follows the titular Idol-style show's third season in Afghanistan, simply singing could get you killed. Director Havana Marking's film, which won Audience and Directing Awards at Sundance, spotlights a handful of hopefuls — and their condemners — as they perform on TV for millions in a country practically in ruins after decades of war and oppression. — Joe Friedrich

10/9c FX
Malory and Archer's mother-son relationship is about as warm and fuzzy as Mommie Dearest on their good days, and as this sardonic series winds up its first season, the two are at loggerheads over a family matter of no small importance: Who's Archer's father? The question also has work ramifications, and in their line of work that means life or death. But don't worry, spy-spoof fans, the zany ISIS gang has been renewed for a second season, so Archer will live to carouse another day. — Paul Droesch