Scrubs Scrubs

8/7c ABC
The hospital sitcom wraps up its ninth season, which introduced a host of fresh blood in the cast. It's been a long and tough first few months for the med students, but the semester is finally coming to a close. With the end in sight, the students gain new perspectives as Cole recognizes his true calling and Lucy finally finds her inspiration. — Brie Hearn

Human Target

8/7c Fox
Winston and Guerrero have forgotten more about Christopher Chance than we'll ever know, but the only person fully aware of Chance's capabilities is the man himself. And that's what worries our hero when a visiting foreign VIP is in grave danger tonight: The would-be assassin is Chance's former protégé. In fact, he's so concerned that he taps FBI agent Emma Barnes (Emmanuelle Vaugier, from the episode "Embassy Row") for help in stopping him. (Oh, and maybe he's just a wee bit attracted to her, too.) — Joe Friedrich

Ghost Hunters
9/8c Syfy
Paddy Reilly's Irish pub is investigated in New York City regarding apparition sightings. Also: the team probes intimidating rooms in the Harriet Beecher Stowe House in Hartford, Conn. — Michael Chant

Gary Unmarried
8:30/7:30c CBS
This comedy starring Jay Mohr and Paula Marshall concludes its second season with a big surprise for Gary: It looks as if Gary is not as unmarried as he would like to be. There's a little matter of actually filing the divorce papers. This could be a disheartening situation, but for Gary it's his best bet at reclaiming some items Allison has been holding hostage. — Rhoda Charles

Ugly Americans
10:30/9:30c Comedy Central
If you think your job is a nightmare, wait until you see what mild-mannered New York City social worker Mark Lilly has to endure in this new animated sitcom. Of course, this cartoon version of the Big Apple is home to freaks, demons, zombies and just about any fantastical creatures you can dream of, and it's Mark's job to help the city's immigrants assimilate. But in the premiere, he faces his toughest task yet when he starts a fling with his demon boss at the Department of Integration. — Joe Friedrich