Bachelor wedding Bachelor wedding

The Bachelor: Jason and Molly's Wedding
8/7c ABC
Let's see: 14 Bachelor and five Bachelorette seasons so far, and when Jason and Molly say their "I do's" (the wedding was taped a little more than a week ago), it'll make marriage No. 2 for the franchise. But hey, romance fans, who's counting!? Gavin DeGraw and "American Idol" alum Jason Castro are the serenaders, and the guest list includes the 2008 Bachelorette DeAnna Pappas (who spurned Jason), and three of the 2009 bachelorettes Jason spurned, not to mention Bachelorette legends Ryan and Trista, whose 2003 wedding received ratings that ABC would dearly love to match tonight. — Paul Droesch


8/7c Fox
It has been a month since the gang at Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital had anything new for us, so what's up? House and Wilson are speed dating, for one thing. They're also learning bad things about each other online. Chase is dipping his toe back into the dating waters as well. And the mysteriously dying patient? That would be a blogger (That '70s Show alum Laura Prepon) who's not letting her impending death stop her from blogging about her illness. The docs don't like it. — Paul Droesch

How I Met Your Mother
8/7c CBS
Celebrity guests have definitely been a fixture on this series. This season alone has seen cameos from sports figures and a brilliant comedic turn by Carrie Underwood... and now Jennifer Lopez. The singer-actress guest stars as a self-help author hired by Robin to help herself to Barney, then leave him. Robin is still hurting over the way Barney ended their romance, and she decides to turn the tables on him so that maybe he'll realize that his ways are not always so awesome after all. — Bill Ecklund

Gossip Girl
9/8c CW
After a long three-month hiatus, this show is finally back with the first of 10 new episodes. So here's where things stand: Nate and Serena are growing closer; things are getting more awkward between Dan and Vanessa; and Rufus is simply trying to avoid Lily. Meanwhile, Jenny's still hanging out while Damien, the rich kid who deals drugs for kicks. As for Chuck, he can't stop thinking about the mysterious woman who fled as he approached his father's grave. — Jennifer Sankowski

Tracey Ullman's State of the Union
10:30/9:30c Showtime
The multitalented Ullman wraps up her third season in fine style, beginning with a rib-tickling impersonation of Caroline Kennedy, who is undergoing talk therapy and in the middle of an identity crisis during which she feels she's "lost [her] mystique." There's a dead-on spoof of CSI-style crime shows that is complete with perfectly replicated "lighting effects and title score." Ullman also portrays a subtly devious Antiques Roadshow appraiser who gets her hands on a priceless piece of Wild West Americana. — Ray Stackhouse