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Winter Olympics
8/7c NBC
"We have to do something new every year," says U.S. ice dancer Tanith Belbin. "Ice dancing has been changing." The biggest change for Belbin and partner Ben Agosto may have been friends and rivals Meryl Davis and Charlie White defeating them for the first time at the U.S. Nationals, giving the U.S. two teams capable of medaling. Tonight is the compulsory dance. Also on tap is the men's Super G, which should bring out all the top names in Alpine skiing. "The Austrians and the Swiss are the powerhouses," says U.S. veteran Marco Sullivan, "but you can gauge yourself off [Norway's] Aksel Lund Svindal." For those who have enjoyed any neighborhood sledding this winter, tonight's men's and women's skeleton finals may be appealing, but going headfirst at 80 mph may cause second thoughts. And veteran Olympic viewers may remember Harry Potter-lookalike Simon Ammann (Switzerland) from 2002 and 2006. He's back to take on Austrian sensation Gregor Schlierenzauer on ski jumping's large hill. — Dave Roeder


8/7c CW
Lois and Chloe turn on each other over Clark when the man of steel finally gets his every wish fulfilled. His desires are simple: a traditional relationship with his girlfriend and a best friend who will come to his rescue every now and again. Unfortunately, Clark is unaware that he has been infected with dream-come-true Kryptonite on Valentine's Day. So when Lois quits her job and moves in with her man and when Chloe takes her role as defender seriously...things fall apart. — Rhoda Charles

Ricky Gervais Show
9/8c HBO
The comedy duo of Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, teamed with, as Gervais puts it, the "round-headed buffoon that is" Karl Pilkington, had a hit with this podcast of their admittedly "pointless conversations," which is the bedrock for a new animated series. Bedrock may be apt, considering the cartoon doppelgängers of Gervais and Merchant resemble, height differences aside, Fred and Barney of The Flintstones. More animation follows with the Season 2 opener of The Life and Times of Tim. — Joe Friedrich

Real Time with Bill Maher
10/9c HBO
Bill Maher rarely wastes a chance to go after Sarah Palin, including the occasion of his HBO special last weekend. So don't be surprised if her name comes up in tonight's Season 8 premiere, especially since the panel includes animator Seth MacFarlane, whose Family Guy took some heat — including some from Palin — for Sunday's episode that poked fun at a special-needs child. The panel also includes commentator Norah O'Donnell and former New York governor Eliot Spitzer, and Congressional Oversight Panel chair Elizabeth Warren is interviewed. — Joe Friedrich

American Loggers
10/9c Discovery
Water can be a tree's best friend: Not only does it help trees grow, it also hinders logging operations. The Pelletier clan returns for a second season of sawing and hauling, and the wet weather makes neither easy. Tune in to see Lester and Wayne experience highs and lows in the form of a really steep (and dangerous) road. — Michael Chant

Funny or Die Presents
Midnight/11c HBO
Don't adjust your set: Let "Funny or Die Presents" do it for you. The popular sketch-comedy website "Funny or Die" became an instant hit in 2007 with "The Landlord," about a profane, beer-swilling toddler, and now makes its move to conquer another medium...television. Tonight's skits include "Drunk History: Frederick Douglass," starring Will Ferrell, Don Cheadle and Jen Kirkman, and "Designated Driver," with Rob Riggle and Paul Scheer. — Joe Friedrich