Life UneXpected Life UneXpected

Life Unexpected
9/8c CW
In the series premiere of this heartwarming new drama about a family reconnecting, foster teen Lux (Britt Robertson) tracks down the birth parents she never knew in order to get their signatures for emancipation papers. First she meets irresponsible Baze (Kristoffer Polaha), who lives on top of a bar he runs, and then she meets perfectionist Cate (Shiri Appleby), a radio talk-show host. The encounters are supposed to be brief, but the judge reviewing Lux's emancipation case has other ideas. — Jennifer Sankowski

The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love
8/7c ABC
Last week it was Rozlyn's "inappropriate relationship"; tonight one of the 12 remaining bachelorettes gets her marching orders before the rose ceremony for something she does at a cocktail party. Don't expect "Ain't Misbehavin'" to be this show's theme song anytime soon! Elsewhere, there's bungee jumping, a day at Sea World and an excursion to the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club in Hollywood, where the gals tell the jokes (and one of them gets a bit raunchy). When it's over, the field stands at nine. — Paul Droesch

Tom Brokaw Presents: American Character Along Highway 50
8/7c USA
Tom Brokaw hits the road for a trip along U.S. Route 50, a highway that runs across the middle of the country, spanning 12 states (and Washington, D.C.) and over 3000 miles. He starts the journey in Maryland and makes several stops along the way to California, meeting with Americans living along the route in small towns, big cities and farmlands. Interviews with the locals reveal issues that are affecting average Americans during these tumultuous, and often uncertain, times. — Brie Hearn

CSI: Miami
10/9c CBS
Teen star Boo Boo Stewart guest stars as the estranged son of an Asian crime lord who may be responsible for the murder of a man found chopped in half. But what fans may really want to know is whether this episode will address the stunning revelation Jesse made to Calleigh last week about why he returned to South Florida. Jesse told her his wife was murdered by a man currently living in Miami and that he feared for the safety of the man's current wife. — Tim Holland

My Life as Liz
10:30/9:30c MTV
If My So-Called Life was created for today's generation, it might look a lot like this new series, a scripted-reality hybrid based on the real-life experiences of its star, Liz Lee, a witty and precocious teen who feels like an outsider trapped in her small hometown of Burleson, Texas (which, coincidentally, is also where Kelly Clarkson grew up). The result is this raw and honest look at what it's like to be a teen in 2010. — Karen Andzejewicz