Desperate Housewives Desperate Housewives

Desperate Housewives
9/8c ABC
So who died when that small plane crashed into the Wisteria Lane Christmas party? Karl and Orson certainly took a hit. Could either of them have survived? Mona sure looked like a goner, too. Don't look for the Bolens to grieve if she was. And how about Lynette, sweeping in to save Juanita? It might get her back into Gaby's good graces, but what could it have done to her unborn twins? (And will the episode make Gaby a more attentive mom?) Questions to ponder in an episode titled "If..." — Paul Droesch

Brothers & Sisters
10:01/9:01c ABC
Those betting whether or not Justin and Rebecca would go through with their wedding last month probably didn't count on Kitty collapsing mid-ceremony. But when she decided not to tell Robert that her cancer was actually getting worse, it was likely a matter of time before something really horrible happened. Now, as Kitty finds herself in a very dangerous place, the search is on for a suitable bone-marrow donor — and you'll never believe who turns out to be the perfect match. — Joe Friedrich

Iron Chef America
8/7c Food Network
As part of her ongoing campaign to promote healthy eating, Michelle Obama is making an appearance in the two-hour Season 8 opener, where the first lady informs the chefs (spoiler alert!) that the White House garden will be their secret ingredient. Teaming up to create what Chairman Mark Dacascos calls "the ultimate meal for America" are Food Network favorite Emeril Lagasse and Iron Chef Mario Batali, who will face off against Iron Chef Bobby Flay and White House executive chef Cristeta Comerford. — Karen Andzejewicz

Shatner's Raw Nerve
1/noon c Bio
The premise of Shatner's talk show has been to touch on sensitive subjects that other hosts might avoid. His job shouldn't be too difficult with today's guest, actress Mackenzie Phillips, who has been more than forthcoming on the most sensitive of personal issues. Earlier this year, she made headlines by revealing on Oprah's show and in her memoir, High on Arrival, her battle with drugs and a sexual relationship with her father, rocker John Phillips. The former One Day at a Time actress also talks about being a child star and parenthood. — Bill Ecklund

Frank the Entertainer in a Basement Affair
8/7c VH1
Here we go again: Another reality star looks for love on basic cable. Frank "The Entertainer" Moresco cut his unscripted-series teeth on I Love New York 2 before heading over to I Love Money. Now he's been promoted from contestant to object of desire as 15 women try to woo the 32-year-old bachelor, who famously still lives in his parents' basement in Brooklyn. In the series premiere, the ladies get a big surprise when they find out they won't be living in a mansion. Instead, they'll be staying at Frank's subterranean pad. — Fred Mitchell