Men of a Certain Age Men of a Certain Age

Men of a Certain Age
10/9c TNT
The insightful series continues to mine dramedy gold from male bonding, time-honored friendships and midlife crises. But it's not all golden for Joe. His ex-wife (Penelope Ann Miller) joins the Thoreaus for a school charity event — and she arrives with a new boyfriend in tow. Also at the function is perennial bachelor Terry, who serves as an auctioneer and happens upon a past ladylove. But back to Joe's woes: His less-than-glittery social agenda involves hanging out with his bookie, Manfo. — Dean Maurer

True Blood

8/7c HBO
Say "vampire marathon" in some circles, and the uninitiated may head for the hills in fear of bloodsucking long-distance runners. But the only thing racing should be your heart rate, because HBO is kicking off a four-day encore presentation of the thrilling first season of True Blood, which just earned its second Golden Globe-nomination for Best TV Drama. The first three episodes air tonight, with Nos. 4-6 (Tue.), 7-9 (Wed.) and 10-12 (Thu.) following, all at 8/7c. — Joe Friedrich

Dog Whisperer
8/7c National Geographic
For the first time in the show's history, Cesar Millan is going Down Under to kick off the National Geographic Channel's annual "Dog Whisperer" week and help some Aussies tame their problem pups. In tonight's installment he comes to the aid of a fitness coach who has trained some of Australia's finest athletes. Too bad he can't train Willow, his Great Dane with a not-so-great biting problem. — Karen Andzejewicz

Monday Night Football
8:30/7:30c ESPN
Whether it's directing a frenetic game-winning drive, hurling a misguided pass under duress, waffling about retirement, or making a wooden cameo in There's Something About Mary, Brett Favre is a captivating figure. In last week's loss to Carolina, the long season may have been taking its toll on the 40-year-old Favre, but Minnesota coach Brad Childress couldn't get Brett to take a rest. That's just one angle the ESPN crew gets to chew on in its season finale in Chicago as the hapless Bears (5-9) try to throw the road-weary Vikings (11-3) off course in their search for a much-needed first-round playoff bye. — Roger Leister

100 Most Shocking Music Moments
9/8c VH1
Shocking is an overused word in countdowns like this five-parter. Three 6 Mafia wins an Oscar? Surprising, certainly...shocking, not really. Britney Spears shaves her head? Provocative, perhaps...shocking, not so much. But the Norwegian black metal band Mayhem, who allegedly decapitated a sheep onstage with such force that the sheep's head flew off and cracked the skull of a concertgoer? OK, now we're talking shocking. Music fans who want to get your shock on — this must be the place. — Fred Mitchell