Dollhouse Dollhouse

8/7c Fox
As evidenced by December's first two Dollhouse double shots, Joss Whedon's take on the ultimate identity theft is hitting on all cylinders. The stories have been taut, and included genuine surprises — especially Ballard's unexpected exit last week. Tonight's two-hour block should continue that momentum until next month, when the final episodes are expected to air. First, Victor returns to the real world when his contract is up. Then, Echo faces a nightmare after she's deemed too dangerous. — Jeff Gemmill


10/9c Starz
After a wild 13-episode ride, Season No. 2 comes to an end. Ben and Anthony have a climactic run-in with the Manson cultists and Ben finally gets some answers about his daughter's untimely death. Seth comes out of brain surgery ready to party (well, not immediately) and celebrates the kickoff of the Byzantium Project with a big soiree. Inez is being groomed for stardom by her film-director mentor (Matthew Glave), but first she needs to cut her vengeful boyfriend out of the picture. — Ray Stackhouse

10/9c Syfy
These days, Hollywood would have you believe that vampires are hunky young men with cover-boy faces who harbor tortured souls beneath their pale skin. Fortunately, there's Nikola Tesla (Jonathan Young), a recurring charmer who serves to remind us that vampires can be bad news for humans. Magnus and Will check out a rehab facility in Mexico, where they find Tesla up to his old tricks. — Michael Chant

Four Weddings
10/9c TLC
Season 4 of Say Yes to the Dress wraps up tonight, but TLC is still saying "I do" to wedding-themed programming with a sneak peek at this new unscripted series, which will premiere in January. It will follow four ultra-competitive brides who attend — and score — each other's weddings while all competing for one dream honeymoon. Of course, each bride believes her big day is the one to beat. But the others certainly have other ideas. — Karen Andzejewicz

Frosty the Snowman

8/7c CBS
The joyous holiday perennial — originally telecast in 1969 — about a jolly, happy snowman with "a corncob pipe and a button nose, and two eyes made out of coal" returns to spread Christmas cheer. Much of the fun is provided by Jimmy Durante's great narration and Jackie Vernon's perfect voicing of Frosty. The delightful half hour is followed by the sequel, Frosty Returns, narrated by Jonathan Winters. — Tim Holland