Biggest Loser Biggest Loser

Biggest Loser
8/7c NBC
Season 8 comes to a close in this two-hour live finale. Last week, Danny and Rudy secured their spots as finalists, while Liz and Amanda's fate in the competition fell into the hands of viewers voting at home. All is revealed tonight as the third contestant is announced, the at-home players return for one last weigh-in and, of course, the Biggest Loser is named. — Brie Hearn

Disney Prep & Landing

8:30/7:30c ABC
It's not easy being an elf. After devoting 227 years of your life to an elite elf organization, sometimes a veteran like Wayne (voice of Dave Foley) can get passed over for a promotion. To make matters worse, his boss (voice of Sarah Chalke) then pairs him with an overeager rookie. But Wayne soldiers on, and he and his new coworker put their know-how to the test when they have to guide Santa through a major snowstorm on Christmas Eve in this 2009 special from Walt Disney Animation Studios. — Jennifer Sankowski

Outer Space Astronauts
9:30/8:30c Syfy
Imagine that you told the guys in the cast to lose their razors for a couple days, filmed them reading dialogue that makes them sound like slackers and then grafted their live-action heads onto computer-generated bodies that are a few sizes too small for their heads. Now drape them in uniforms befitting of Starfleet officers, put them in spaceship scenarios that mock planet-of-the-week sci-fi shows — and you're pretty much set to understand the premiere of this sitcom series. — Michael Chant

Better Off Ted
9:30/8:30c ABC
With the health-care debate dominating the news, it's not surprising that the sitcom goes there in the Season 2 premiere. Veridian Dynamics splices romance and science when the company tries to pair employees based on their genetic compatibility in the hope that their future, well-bred offspring won't generate pricey medical bills. Linda initially abhors the idea — until she meets her match (Taye Diggs). — Michael Chant

2009: That Really Happened!?!?
9/8c VH1
To paraphrase the Rolling Stones, 2009 had good times, bad times and hard times, too. And as this recap of the pop-culture year that was demonstrates, it had its fair share of scandals, feuds and public embarrassments. Among the grist sure to be singled out: the Kanye West-Taylor Swift VMA debacle, Jon & Kate Plus 8 and Michael Jackson's tragic death. The hour also features a musical recap of '09 from Internet remix DJ Steve Porter. — Jeff Gemmill

Super Dave's Spike-Tacular
9/8c Spike
Ladies and gentlemen! Let's ... get ready ... to ... cringe. Dave takes on Quinton "Rampage" Jackson, the UFC mixed-martial-arts fighter who clobbered Keith Jardine back in March, gave Wanderlei Silva a knockout as a late Christmas gift last year, and dealt defeating blows to Chuck Liddell and Marvin Eastman the year before. Fortunately, our beloved host is no stranger to painful injuries. — Michael Chant