The Office The Office

The Office
9/8c NBC
Ryan Howard refuses to be a heavy hitter (as opposed to the other Ryan Howard, the Phillies' home-run king). Once a corporate young gun who rose to the top echelon of Dunder Mifflin, Ryan's fall from grace landed him right back to low-rung status in Scranton. Now he's bitter, lazy, biding time, and refusing to do work. This, of course, grabs the attention of cocaptain Jim, who clashes with the ace slacker. But in the main event, bigwig David Wallace (Andy Buckley) summons a jubilant Michael to attend a shareholders meeting in New York City. Tagging along on the trip: Andy, Dwight and Oscar. — Dean Maurer

Terror in Mumbai

8/7c HBO
One year ago next week, a terrorist group called Lashkar-e-Taiba (Army of the Righteous) got the attention it sought when 10 young Pakistani men sprung coordinated assaults in Mumbai, India, killing more than 170 people over a 60-hour period. In stirring detail, filmmaker Dan Reed (Terror in Moscow) presents a chronological report on this horrific undertaking, which includes audio recordings of the assailants' phone conversations with their controllers in Pakistan. Fareed Zakaria narrates. — Joe Friedrich

9/8c Fox
As Walter has remarked, "there's more than one of everything." And now that we've seen it to be true (most recently in last week's joyride with Tyler the mind-controlling teen), it appears the maxim also applies to the Observer. And while this bald man in a dark suit has a tendency to blend into the background, tonight we'll get a better idea what he — and his equally mysterious brethren — are up to after an unusual abduction happens in Boston. — Joe Friedrich

Project Runway
10/9c Lifetime
The thread of Season 6 episodes ends in the conclusion of the two-part finale. The first part featured the final trio of Carol Hannah Whitfield, Irina Shabeyeva and Althea Harper preparing their fashion lines, with friendly visits from mentor Tim Gunn to guide them along. But b-i-g drama occurred when poor Carol Hannah fell to a brutal sickness. Tonight there's a runway takeoff when the women finally display their lines on fashion's biggest stage — Fashion Week at New York's Bryant Park. Anticipate a stress mess: It appears Carol Hannah's illness remains an issue, the designers desperately rush against time, and the usually unflappable Mr. Gunn is about to "lose it." — Dean Maurer

Private Practice
10:01/9:01c ABC
After last week's medical melodramatics in that Malibu canyon — not to mention that romantic whatever-it-was with Sam — Addison could use a rest. Sorry, Addison: Dear old dad (Stephen Collins) shows up tonight, but she doesn't think he's particularly dear. Meanwhile, it's back to work for Pete after last week's singles-bar gamesmanship (his dying patient wants to live long enough to see his new daughter). And Cooper gets himself arrested. — Paul Droesch