Merry Madagascar Merry Madagascar

Merry Madagascar
8/7c NBC
NBC rolls out another holiday special, this time with the gang from the Madagascar movies. Ben Stiller, Chris Rock, David Schwimmer and Jada Pinkett-Smith once again lend their voices to the crew of zoo animals stranded a long, long way from home. When Santa (voice of Carl Reiner) crashes into their island and ends up with amnesia, the animals decide to deliver his presents themselves. But saving Christmas isn't their only motive — they also see the magic sleigh as their ticket back to New York City. — Brie Hearn

Melrose Place
9/8c CW
If anyone can pull the series out of its ratings slump, it's Heather Locklear, who's making her highly anticipated return as Amanda Woodward, owner of the WPK agency. The resident Queen of Mean wastes no time shaking things up, promptly firing half the WPK staff, including Ella's boss, Caleb. And Ella better be careful, too. The Anton V launch party better go off without a hitch or she's out of a job. — Karen Andzejewicz

Biggest Loser
8:30/7:30c NBC
Tonight's 90-minute episode follows the magic-filled Christmas tale Merry Madagascar, but the Biggest Loser gang have their own brand of magic in store as well. It's makeover time! Fashion expert Tim Gunn and hairstylist Tabatha Coffey swoop in to update the players' styles before they reveal their new looks to friends and family. They also draw on their new confidence to deliver speeches about their weight-loss efforts at a media event. — Brie Hearn

Dancing with the Stars
9:01/8:01c ABC
After tonight, we'll know who will be in the finals. Donny Osmond is the sole male celebrity left standing — is he a lock to make it through, or will it be an all-female finale with Mya, Joanna Krupa and Kelly Osbourne? This jam-packed results show includes performances by Alicia Keys, Leona Lewis, and Barry and Robin Gibb. In addition, former contestant Melissa Rycroft puts her dancing shoes back on for a number, and pros take to the stage to perform a themed dance celebrating the film Nine. — Jennifer Sankowski

The Prisoner
9/8c AMC
The six-part miniseries, an involving bit of escapist entertainment, concludes. And, as with all good mind games, everything comes to a fitting end. Although with all the Orwellian, Kafkaesque, David Lynchian, Ray Bradburyish sci-fi psychological parallel-universe time-tripping that has transpired, it is, at times, a rather fitful journey. In this finale, in the Utopian dreamscape where everyone knows your name and your name is a number, it'll be up to the viewer to decide whether it all really adds up. — Ray Stackhouse