The Amazing Race The Amazing Race

Amazing Race 15
8/7c CBS
One of the show's most daunting Roadblocks is revisited when the five remaining teams travel to Stockholm and encounter the game's first-ever Switchback. What's a "Switchback"? It requires teams to complete a task performed on a previous season. In this case, it's unrolling bales of hay to find a clue. Fans may recall in Season 6 that poor Lena Jensen unrolled 100 bales of hay over eight hours and never found a clue. Phil eventually came to the field and told her to stop because she had already been eliminated. Maybe these teams will have better luck. — Tim Holland

Sunday Night Football
8:15/7:15c NBC
Always a huge rivalry, this one has gotten even bigger thanks to the whuppin' the Birds put on the Cowboys last December, knocking them out of the playoffs in the regular-season finale. The Boys had an entire off-season to marinate in that 44-6 drubbing and have to be feeling a bit testy taking the field this evening. Big play receivers have become a big part of both teams' attacks, with Miles Austin developing for Dallas, and DeSean Jackson the big gun for Philadelphia. — Dave Roeder

Family Guy Presents: Seth & Alex's Almost Live Comedy Show
8:30/7:30c Fox
Family Guy fans: If you have been clamoring to actually see series creator Seth MacFarlane, who provides the voices of Peter, Stewie, Brian and Quagmire (plus numerous incidental characters); and Alex Borstein (Lois and numerous incidental characters), tonight's your night. They'll appear in live-action sketches that will be combined with the usual animated nonsense that made you a fan in the first place. And, as a bonus, it'll be set to the strains of the 40-piece "Family Guy Orchestra." — Paul Droesch

Bored to Death
9:30/8:30c HBO
To catch boxing on HBO, one usually has to tune in on Saturdays for "Pacquiao/Cotto 24/7" or dial it up on pay-per-view. Tonight is a bonus, then, because George, Jonathan and Ray of the Edition magazine team have a triple-date in the ring with Richard Antrem (Oliver Platt) and his GQ sycophants. It's not exactly the "Thrilla in Manila" — heck, it's barely "Rock 'Em Sock 'Em in Gotham" — but it's a hilarious way to wrap up this wry comedy's first season. (Another season has been ordered.) — Joe Friedrich

Mad Men
10/9c AMC
It's the third-season finale, and lives and careers are in the balance. In the aftermath of the JFK assassination and the shooting of Lee Harvey Oswald on live TV, the world is in turmoil — and so are things around Sterling Cooper and the firm's extended family. Don and Betty's relationship is on the rocks, and she's gotten a marriage proposal from Henry; Pete has been passed over and contemplates leaving and taking his clients with him. And at work, Don faces some pivotal decisions. — Ray Stackhouse

Brothers & Sisters
10:01/9:01c ABC
With all the distractions Kitty's had over the past few weeks, including Robert's romantic rooftop-supper surprise, Sarah's French lover and Tommy's out-of-the-blue visit, she's been able to, for the most part, keep her mind off the fact that she has cancer (though this being the Walkers, someone's always there to remind her). But tonight her plight hits home in a big way when Kitty begins to experience visible signs of the side effects of chemotherapy for the first time. — Joe Friedrich