Dancing With The Stars Dancing With The Stars

Dancing with the Stars
8/7c ABC
It's time once again for the celebrities to help design the costumes! From what we saw last week, Kelly may be putting Louis in a loud floral print, and Michael's designs may have Anna cursing him in Russian. However, let's hope Michael didn't spend too much time working on wardrobe at the expense of practicing, because he only narrowly escaped elimination last week by winning a dance-off against Louie Vito. Two stars exited in a double elimination last week, and tomorrow night two more will go. — Jennifer Sankowski

How I Met Your Mother
8/7c CBS
Barney could never be accused of being humble, but sometimes he really overestimates his awesomeness. After a lifetime of being Barney, and only months of being Barney and Robin, he thinks he's ready to give out relationship advice, which he freely gives to Marshall. Needless to say, it doesn't end well. — Bill Ecklund

9/8c ABC Family
In this mid-season finale, viewers find out the result of Casey and Cappie's conversation last week. However, these two have a lot on their minds besides each other. Casey gets offered a Panhellenic VP position at the same time ZBZ is in dire need of her assistance for Songfest. Cappie, meanwhile, has his hands full teaming up with Evan to try and stop the increased rivalry between their houses — but if their plan backfires, it may push everyone further apart. — Jennifer Sankowski

American Experience
9/8c PBS
The fascinating "Civilian Conservation Corps" recalls the Depression-era, government-run program championed by President Franklin Roosevelt that served two purposes: putting people to work (at a dollar a day) and restoring America's natural resources, which — as the Dust Bowl showed — weren't faring so well. The documentary features a wealth of archival footage and interviews with CCC vets, each of whom look back — as they should — with pride at their accomplishments and personal growth. — Jeff Gemmill

7:30/6:30c Showtime
Director Barry Levinson, no stranger to fictional films with themes of politics and Hollywood or a combination of both (Wag the Dog, What Just Happened, Man of the Year), turns his cameras on the real thing. In this incisive 2009 documentary, Levinson went to the 2008 national conventions to examine how celebrities and their opinions can affect the public's perceptions of candidates and what they stand for. Among the celebrity activists interviewed are Spike Lee and Susan Sarandon. — Ray Stackhouse