The Office The Office

The Office
9/8c NBC
A strong Season 6 has been teeming with tricks and treats — Jim and Pam's memorable Niagara Falls wedding and Michael's controversial new love among them. There's more scare fare in tonight's Halloween-themed affair when the branch organizes a haunted house for community children. Meanwhile, Michael is spooked when he plunges (literally) into a big business meeting by falling into a koi pond. And Pam and Andy team up, utilizing cold-calling methods to pull in more business. — Dean Maurer

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
10/9c FX
The gang isn't exactly known for altruism, so why are they making like Bob Hope and putting on a show for returning troops? It's a wrestling show by the way, with Charlie, Dennis and Mac as tag-team partners ("The Birds of War"). Also featured is Professional Wrestling Hall of Famer Rowdy Roddy Piper, who happens to be one of the greatest grappling villains of all time. At least that figures. Meanwhile, Dee meets a soldier online. What's he really like? She has no idea. — Paul Droesch

The Mentalist
10/9c CBS
If ever there was a case made for Patrick Jane, it would be this one, combining his two loves: solving crimes and showing people that anything beyond the physical world is an illusion. The team is assigned to investigate the claim that a wealthy man was killed by a ghost that haunted his mansion. With Jane's background as a psychic and knowing all of the tricks of those who prey on other's beliefs, the killer doesn't have a ghost of a chance. — Bill Ecklund

The League
10:30/9:30c FX
Men behaving badly on sitcoms has been a TV staple longer than the NFL has, and the beer-swilling Chicago fantasy leaguers on this one behave badly enough (or at least want to) to warrant a TV-MA rating. It begins, not surprisingly, with the league's draft, and if you don't know that the Calgary Stampeders aren't in the NFL, this probably isn't a show for you. The creators are Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm alum Jeff Schaffer and his wife, Jackie Marcus Schaffer (Disturbia). — Paul Droesch

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
9/8c CBS
College football can be a cutthroat sport for players and coaches alike... but it should never result in murder. Sadly, for a popular local gridiron coach, murder is exactly the fate that awaits on this episode, in which he is bludgeoned to death. Not surprisingly, the respected victim is discovered to be a lot less saintly than was previously believed and not as beloved by his players as many thought. — Tim Holland

Ace of Cakes
10/9c Food Network
The Charm City Cakes crew hangs with the Hogwarts crowd in the Season 7 finale when the entire team hits the road and heads to New York City to create an elaborate confection for the U.S. premiere of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. The trip isn't all work and no play, though: The creative cake makers also find time for fishing in the Hudson and cranberry bogging (yes, cranberry bogging) in Rockefeller Center. — Karen Andzejewicz