Entourage Entourage

10:30/9:30c HBO
"Give till it hurts" is a popular slogan for encouraging generous charitable donations, and it may just come to that in tonight's sixth-season finale when Vince is pursued by a very zealous Matt Damon (and LeBron James) to convince the Gatsby star to support Damon's charity. Elsewhere, Ari continues his negotiations with Terrance, Turtle's devotion to Jamie-Lynn faces a serious test, Eric plans a special time with Sloan, and Drama wonders whether his acting career has run its course. — Joe Friedrich

Curb Your Enthusiasm
9/8c HBO
Since Seinfeld ended 11 years ago, anything could get Larry David more excited than reuniting the show about nothing. That all changes tonight, however, but only because he thinks he can get something out of it, and this ulterior motive has everything to do with his sudden change of heart. Of course, getting the band — Jerry, Julia, Jason and Michael — back together, so to speak, does not come easily, and watching Larry's selfish pursuit of an idea he once disdained is a thing of beauty. — Joe Friedrich

Three Rivers
9/8c CBS
Alex O'Loughlin leads an impressive cast that also includes Katherine Moennig and Alfre Woodard in this promising Pittsburgh-based drama about surgeons who perform organ transplants. In tonight's emotionally raw opener, a pregnant woman suffers a heart attack and must undergo a heart transplant in order to save her life and the life of her unborn child. Unfortunately, the donor's family is having second thoughts about making the donation. — Tim Holland

Family Guy
9/8c Fox
The Pewterschmidts are Newport aristocracy, so you can imagine Lois' surprise when she discovers that her mother is Jewish. ("Your father made me conceal the fact so he could get into country clubs.") Expect Family Guy treatment for Judaism tonight. Meanwhile, Quagmire discovers Internet porn, and Peter falls in love with Kathy Ireland. (Actually, it's a cardboard cutout of Ireland, but Peter's OK with that.) Charles Durning (Peter's father's ghost) and Ben Stein (a rabbi) have voice cameos. — Paul Droesch

Brothers & Sisters
10:01/9:01c ABC
The fourth season began last week with yet another battle in the ongoing war between Nora and Holly, this time over the ostentatious engagement party for Justin and Rebecca, which added another layer after Nora's mother learned that Holly was the "tramp" with whom William was sleeping. But all those shenanigans are sure to take a back seat tonight — and for the foreseeable future — when Nora accompanies Kitty on a trip to the doctor to learn the results of her recent tests. — Joe Friedrich