Private Practice Private Practice

Private Practice
10:01/9:01c ABC
All was hardly well when we left Oceanside Wellness in May: Violet lay dying after her disturbed patient Katie had literally cut the baby from her womb and made off with him. Season 3 begins tonight with Amy Brenneman still in the cast. As for Violet's suitors (Pete won, remember), check out the Pete-Sheldon body language during their hospital vigil. But don't expect any romantic developments involving Addison and Noah: She's too busy in the ER to have time for much else. — Paul Droesch

Survivor: Samoa
8/7c CBS
"What I want, happens," Russell H. said last week and, sadly for his faltering Foa Foa tribe, it's true. The crumbling team has lost three members in just six days. They were hit especially hard last week when medical personnel sent ailing Mike home and Russell orchestrated good cop Betsy's quick exit. Who's next? Could it be Russell himself? Although Jaison is in an alliance with the gleefully evil oil man and Russell has the hidden immunity idol, it appears Jaison is on to his wicked ways and tries to gather support to oppose Russell. — Tim Holland

Grey's Anatomy
9/8c ABC
Izzie's alive, if not exactly well, and she's back on the job tonight. For how long is an open question, however, in light of last week's bombshell announcement of the Seattle Grace-Mercy West merger. (Mercy sakes! Is there a graceful way to combine those names?) Of course, Izzie's job isn't the only one on the line, so you can expect the hot docs to be more competitive than usual. And remember, they're surgeons. They have knives. Maude alum Adrienne Barbeau guest stars. — Paul Droesch

8/7c Fox
Last week the Jeffersonian team got swept up in the sophisticated world of high-tech espionage and national security, but tonight they encounter a more old-fashioned lifestyle when they investigate the death of a young Amish man. It begins with the discovery of his dismembered body near railroad tracks, and takes an interesting turn after they learn he was a piano prodigy who went missing a few months before he was to go through the ritualistic experimentation with the outside world called Rumspringa. — Joe Friedrich

9:31/8:31c NBC
Jeff's scheming hasn't really been producing the results he wants lately, but that doesn't stop him from trying. Tonight he signs up for a class that he's sure will earn him an easy A. Unfortunately, he misjudges his quirky instructor — played by the equally quirky John Michael Higgins — and realizes he'll have to buckle down just to pass the class. Elsewhere, Britta encourages Abed to become a film student even though his father does not approve. — Brie Hearn