Trauma Trauma

9/8c NBC
If you're into high-octane medical dramas, NBC has a new entry that spotlights paramedics. Perhaps in an homage to ER, which did not shy away from this sort of thing, Trauma blasts onto the screen with a helicopter crash that has a long-lasting personal effect on the show's main cast, which includes Cliff Curtis and Derek Luke. Earnest performances and a glossy look should draw viewers to this pedigreed production, but the accident-of-the-week story lines might get old fast — even with all the pyrotechnics. — Rhoda Charles

The Big Bang Theory
9:31/8:31c CBS
A lot of things bug Lewis Black, so it only makes sense that the cantankerous comic plays an entomologist in this episode. Sheldon and Howard dispute the species of a cricket and make a bet, with their — gasp — most prized comic books at stake, prompting them to ask the expert (Black) to help settle the argument. Meanwhile, Leonard and Penny try to figure out what's next after an awkward first attempt at intimacy. — Bill Ecklund

Lie to Me
9/8c Fox
Human lie-detector machine Cal Lightman (Tim Roth) is back for Season 2. What's new? Mekhi Phifer (FBI agent Ben Reynolds) and Hayley MacFarland (Cal's daughter, Emily) are regulars, and The Shield's creator, Shawn Ryan, is the new show runner. He plans to beef up character development, which explains why MacFarland is a regular. (Jennifer Beals guest stars again tonight as Cal's ex as well.) Meanwhile, a woman with multiple personalities (Erika Christensen) says she saw a murder. Whodunit? Maybe one of her personalities. — Paul Droesch

8/7c NBC
Now that Claire's plan to blend in at college has failed rather spectacularly after Gretchen spied her walking away from a free fall out of a window, Claire must figure out the best way to handle the unveiling of her secret. But she's not the only one facing consequences from her actions. Matt continues to battle his inner demons at the hands of Sylar, and Peter faces surprise repercussions from his string of heroic acts. — Brie Hearn

10/9c A&E
The network's latest docuseries about people with extreme behavioral conditions and those who try to help them concludes its first season. Tonight's two cases: a man whose property is covered with cars, scrap metal and old appliances; and a woman whose 7-year-old son is showing hoarding tendencies. — Bill Ecklund