The Biggest Loser The Biggest Loser

Biggest Loser
8/7c NBC
The Biggest Loser gang are back for an eighth season, this time with a "second chances" theme. Last season's heaviest contestant, Daniel Wright, returns to the ranch to finish his weight loss. The other 15 players are new to the competition and include a social worker, who is the heaviest player in Biggest Loser history; a youth pastor; and a teacher, who has endured a terrible tragedy. In tonight's premiere, the contestants visit Dr. Huizenga for a preliminary health assessment. — Brie Hearn

Ruby & the Rockits
8:30/7:30c ABC Family
As if this series wasn't enough of a family affair already, Shirley Jones (David Cassidy's stepmother and Patrick Cassidy's mother) guest stars tonight as...David and Patrick's mom. Mama Gallagher meets Ruby for the first time, and she's not very receptive to bonding with her new granddaughter, even going so far as to request that Ruby address her as "Mrs. Gallagher" instead of "Grandma." Guess that rules out any cheery "C'mon Get Happy" family sing-alongs. — Jennifer Sankowski

Big Brother 11
9/8c CBS
Will it be Jordan, Kevin or Natalie who pockets the $500,000 grand prize on tonight's two-hour season finale? A lot will depend on whether Jordan or Kevin wins the last Head of Household competition. The victor gets to select the person he or she sits next to in the finals by personally evicting the unlucky third wheel. — Tim Holland

More to Love
8/7c Fox
Questions to ponder during tonight's Malissa-Tali final: Has Luke gotten beyond any cultural divide that might have distanced him from Israeli native Tali? (And who knew that she's a water-phobic Navy veteran!) And is Malissa in it for Luke or to win? Last week, she said the former, of course, but did that overcome his fear of rejection? (Isn't it supposed to be the other way around on this show?) We'll find out in due time (two hours' worth), but first it's time to meet Luke's folks. — Paul Droesch

The Cleaner
10/9c A&E
In this series, the good often goes hand-in-hand with the bad and that's certainly the case in the Season 2 finale. William confronts the heartbreaking scenario of a friend (Richard Lewis, who has battled alcoholism in real life) who could lose his family because of his addiction. On the other hand, William is ready to greet seven years of sobriety, an event that PK wants to mark with a surprise party. — Bill Ecklund