Hell's Kitchen Hell's Kitchen

Hell's Kitchen
8/7c Fox
Robert has been a big part of the show for two seasons now, so it was sad in a way to see his elimination, even if it didn't sadden his blue teammates. So Andy lives for another week, but he'll clearly be in Chef Ramsay's sights when he and the eight other survivors must take a blind taste test. The reward for the winners (if that's what you want to call it) is dinner with Ramsay in a room so dark they don't know what's on their plates. But you can bet that Gordo does. — Paul Droesch

Rescue Me
10/9c FX
Beginning next week, the indiscretions committed in this time slot will come courtesy of a motorcycle gang in northern California, so this is it for Tommy and Co. for now. With what sort of bang will they go out? Tommy didn't make his choice last week, did he? In fact, neither Janet nor Sheila appeared at all, and we learned that Tommy and Kelly have rather a lot in common. And what's this about Tommy "kidnapping" Katy? Meanwhile, no one's on the wagon, and alcohol is very flammable. — Paul Droesch

America's Got Talent
9/8c NBC
After 20 episodes of fears, tears, jeers and cheers, the Top 20 is finally in place and the semifinals commence. Among these 20 electric and eclectic acts are hoops-dunking entertainers, power tap dancers, a golden-girl comic, an illusionist, a canine flying-disc team and an opera singer. In this two-hour performance fest, the first 10 acts from this elite collection take the stage and try to prove their entertainment worth. Critiquing their every move: judges Sharon Osbourne, Piers Morgan and David Hasselhoff, who's slated to perform tomorrow night. — Dean Maurer

Flipping Out
10/9c Bravo
Idiosyncratic house flipper-turned-home designer Jeff Lewis is the minutia man, usually overseeing every detail in every home's nook and cranny. In this episode, the feisty "homeboy" takes it to the next level when he distrusts the contractors at a home project in Buena Park, Calif. As a result, he resorts to precise micromanagement, protecting his client in the process. In other developments, Jeff lands an important refurbishing gig with a high-profile Hollywood stylist — but troubles soon loom. — Dean Maurer

Surviving Disaster
10/9c Spike
In the wake of 9/11, America declared war on its enemies and the TSA stepped up their efforts to improve security at U.S. airports. But nearly eight years later the question still remains: What should you do if terrorists take over your airplane? Navy Seal Cade Courtley tackles the matter in the premiere of a series that matches dangerous scenarios with advice for surviving them. — Michael Chant