Househusbands of Hollywood Househusbands of Hollywood

Househusbands of Hollywood
9/8c Fox Reality
The shakiest couple so far seems to be Katherine and Danny — a point reinforced when they go house hunting tonight. And the Grant-Jillian vibes aren't much better at a dinner party you'll be glad you didn't attend. But Darryl and Tempestt seem pleased with each other and their new tattoos, and Billy finesses Lisa's inebriated friends charmingly. And Charlie? His marriage is a mystery (his wife isn't on the show), but he's a proud papa as he bonds with his two favorite Ryans: his son and Ryan O'Neal. — Paul Droesch

Being Human
9/8c BBC America
An epic battle gets underway as the first season of this fun and quirky sci-fi series comes to a close. A weak Mitchell is thirsty for revenge after just barely surviving an attack by fellow vamp Herrick. And he can use all the help he can get. But George, his biggest ally, is set on fleeing the scene and starting a normal life with his girlfriend, Nina. Friendships will be tested and tough decisions will be made by all before the end credits roll. — Karen Andzejewicz

Stranger with My Face
8/7c Lifetime Movie Network
Alexz Johnson pulls double duty in this suspenseful tale about Laurie, an adopted teen who learns the hard way that she has a twin sister. As evil twins go, this one fits the bill — right down to the stalking, the threats to the family and the dark secret. Based on Lois Duncan's novel, this 2009 made-for-cable film costars 7th Heaven's Catherine Hicks as Laurie's mother. — Rhoda Charles

Mayweather/Marquez 24/7
10:15/9:15c HBO
In the business of major boxing events these days, a fighter's injury not only causes the fight itself to be postponed, but also the TV series leading up to it. Floyd Mayweather's rib injury in June put a halt to his July matchup with Juan Manuel Marquez; and with it, this latest edition of 24/7, a four-part behind-the-scenes look at their preparations for the bout. With the fight now rescheduled for Sept. 19, fans finally get their chance to watch these two warriors prepare for battle. — Dave Roeder

11/10c Fox
The curtain came down on the sketch-comedy series this year after 14 seasons of yuks, so here's another chance to catch May's series finale. Frequent guest Fred Willard hosts the episode, which is an American Idol parody titled "MADtv Gives Back," and series alumni Alex Borstein, Mo Collins, Will Sasso and Debra Wilson Skelton return to give their popular characters one last hurrah. — Fred Mitchell