Nurse Jackie Nurse Jackie

Nurse Jackie
10:30/9:30c Showtime
In the highly charged season finale, addiction and adultery make for a most volatile cocktail, and the tension fomented is so palpably thick you could cut it with a scalpel. Things spark when an angry Eddie decides to drown his sorrows at a bar — and not just any bar, but Kevin's bar. As Jackie's lover tosses back shots and beers, a cheery Kevin sings the praises of his lovely wife, and you just know that something's gotta give. Later at the hospital, a drunken Eddie confronts Jackie, who is so shaken that she attempts to self-medicate, and that sends her spinning. — Ray Stackhouse

The Closer
9/8c TNT
It's closing time for The Closer in the series' summer-season finale, and Brenda squares off against a master of shadowy maneuvers — a mysterious someone wearing a ninja costume who apparently stabbed a woman to death. Lured to this lurid case is a guest detective (Xander Berkeley) from El Paso, where a similar crime was committed. Here are the Bacon bits about this episode: Kevin Bacon, husband of series star Kyra Sedgwick, directed the episode, and Sosie Bacon (their daughter) figures large in her recurring role as niece Charlie, who might finally return to her Atlanta home, courtesy of an escort by Brenda's father (Barry Corbin). — Dean Maurer

Which Way Home
9/8c HBO
It's been well-documented how undocumented immigrants from Latin America risk their lives to get to the U.S., but this often startling 2009 documentary film shows a demographic of this immigration pattern that's rarely seen. Director Rebecca Cammisa follows children as young as 9 years old from as far away as Honduras who attempt the trip, often atop railroad cars and usually in the company of strangers, but always with the risk of detention, dismemberment or death. — Joe Friedrich

Rachel Zoe Project
10/9c Bravo
From the style file comes the Season 2 premiere of celeb stylist Rachel Zoe's reality series. Rachel and her fashion mod squad — including staples Brad Goreski and Taylor Jacobson — are tasked to dress up five actresses for the Golden Globe Awards. It's quite a quintessential quintet: Anne Hathaway, Cameron Diaz, Demi Moore, Debra Messing and Eva Mendes. But the Golden Globes could lose some glitter when Team Zoe struggles to find the best dresses. Meanwhile, a slumping economy affects the rich and famous when the production of couture gowns drops, creating a formidable challenge for Rachel's business. — Dean Maurer

Dating in the Dark
9/8c ABC
The first season of the dating show that tests whether or not love is truly blind concludes with six new singles arriving at the house. In addition to their spoken exchanges and romantic encounters in the dark room, the participants try to learn more about their prospective dates by searching through their luggage and collaborating with an ex-FBI profiler. — Angela Dalecki