Saving Grace Saving Grace

Saving Grace
10/9c TNT
The edgy series wraps up its summer season, so Grace's extended journey toward spiritual enlightenment must go on hold. Tonight a distinguished doctor kills an intruder in his home, but it's a bitter pill to swallow when his version of events raises questions. Elsewhere, hiked and spiked tension between Rhetta and Ronnie finally reaches the breaking point.; and Ham gives meaty news to Grace. As for Grace's ragged last-chance angel (his name is Earl), he instructs Grace to help Neely. — Dean Maurer

Hell's Kitchen
8/7c Fox
After last week's red-team "kitchenpocalypse" (as Jim of the blue team put it — with only a little hyperbole), the ladies are in no small amount of disarray, and if the promo for tonight's show isn't too misleading, this could finally be it for chopping-block perennial Tennille. Amanda and Suzanne will have to watch their steps, too. And on the blue side, it appears that Robert's health woes will flare up again. The challenge facing the 11 remaining chefs involves low-cal cooking. — Paul Droesch

Shaq Vs.
9/8c ABC
NBA center Shaquille O'Neal puts his athletic prowess to the test in this series, taking on all-stars from sports other than basketball in a variety of challenges. Tonight it's center behind center, as the big man takes on Super Bowl winner Ben Roethlisberger in a quarterback challenge in Pittsburgh. Big Ben takes his bigger buddy to the Steelers' practice facility, and they compete in a 7-on-7 game. Of course, with Shaq at a bit of a disadvantage on the gridiron, the two athletes have to negotiate a handicap. — Dave Roeder

Flipping Out
10/9c Bravo
Fans of this reality-realty series will flip over the Season 3 opener, but the drama is rising in a falling market. A revisit with idiosyncratic real-estate maven Jeff Lewis reveals that a slumping economy is hitting his business hard. As a consequence, the feisty house flipper hires new personnel and changes business course, focusing instead on designing and remodeling homes for clients. At least he's surrounded by two comforting returnees---unflappable housekeeper Zoila Chavez and sidekick Jenni Pulos. But Jenni tests boundaries tonight, raising Jeff's legendary ire. — Dean Maurer

World Series of Poker
8/7c ESPN
Pull up a chair, poker fans. The Super Bowl of the sport turns 40 this year, and doesn't need Roman numerals to mark its significance as the most coveted title in the still-expanding universe of televised no-limit Texas Hold'em. For the next 13 Tuesday nights, the massive field of 6494 players (many of whom paid a $10,000 entry fee) at the Rio in Las Vegas will be whittled down to a single survivor, who scoops up a cool $8.54 million. Celebrities Jason Alexander and Brad Garrett join Johnny Chan, Doyle Brunson and Mike "The Mouth" Matusow in highlighting tonight's action, with three more weeks of ESPN shows required before the entire field makes it through one day of play. — Roger Leister

In a Dream

8/7c HBO2
A portrait of an artist, indeed. This award-winning documentary examines artist Isaiah Zagar, who has decorated Philadelphia with more than 50,000 square feet of shimmering and glimmery mosaic murals over four decades. Shot by his son Jeremiah Zagar, the feature also takes a look at Zagar's tumultuous personal life, including his marriage to his wife, Julia, for whom he created the murals.