Raging Planet - Tornado Raging Planet - Tornado

Raging Planet
9/8c Discovery
Take a thrilling ride right into the heart of the planet's most amazing forces — revealing the speed of twisters and the lethal force of lightning bolts. The show features the most spectacular footage of these occurrences ever shot as well as interviews with people who have come face to face with these stunning mega-storms.

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire
8/7 CT ABC
It has been 10 years since Who Wants to Be a Millionaire such a splash on ABC, and while some things haven't changed (host Regis Philbin's volubility among them) others have as it returns tonight for 11 new prime-time editions over the next two weeks. It'll incorporate elements introduced on the syndicated version of the show, and celebrities will play for charity. Among them: Lauren Conrad, Snoop Dogg, Patricia Heaton, Katy Perry, Rachael Ray, Sherri Shepherd, Vanessa Williams and Wynonna. — Paul Droesch

There Goes the Neighborhood
9/8c CBS
Being a good neighbor is great, but it when it comes down to winning $250,000, you can bet that all niceties will go right out of the window. Or over the wall. Eight Georgia families in a suburban Kennesaw neighborhood are literally walled off from the outside world in this seven-week reality series in which they compete against each other in various elimination challenges. Not only are they cut off from the rest of the neighborhood by a massive 20-foot wall, they also have little electricity and few luxuries. The families play for upgrades for their lives and their homes, with the last clan standing winning the quarter-of-a-million jackpot. — Tim Holland

Law & Order: Criminal Intent
9/8c USA
Season 8 comes to a close tonight in an episode that, true to Law & Order form, borrows from the real world...in this case, the current economic climate. When revolutionary Axel Kaspers' plan to kidnap a banking executive goes wrong and the executive ends up dead, Kaspers begins plotting an even bigger campaign designed to bring down capitalism. Nichols and Eames are brought in to find him, and it's a task that proves quite difficult as the detectives learn just how thoroughly Kasper and his cohorts have covered their tracks. — Brie Hearn

Roast of Joan Rivers
10/9c Comedy Central
Known for decades of creatively scathing insults of others, venerable comic Joan Rivers has also spent much of her career making fun of herself. Tonight, though, she steps aside to graciously allow a roomful of adoring colleagues to do it for her. The raucous tribute is hosted by Kathy Griffin, who leads a pack of roasters that includes Jeffrey Ross, Greg Giraldo, Carl Reiner, Whitney Cummings and Robin Quivers. — Joe Friedrich

10:30/9:30c HBO
Executive producer Mark Wahlberg's had scant screen time over the show's six seasons (and counting), but he gets a chance to yuk it up tonight — at Drama's expense — when he joins the Chase boys at a charity golf tournament. Their foursome includes the NFL's Tom Brady, whose mere presence inspires un-Patriot-ic feelings in die-hard Giants' fan Turtle. Elsewhere on the course, Eric has a curious round networking with a Hollywood bigwig (George Segal), but gets teed off when he finds out how they got paired up. — Joe Friedrich