So You Think You Can Dance So You Think You Can Dance

Big Brother 11
8/7 CT CBS
It doesn't matter who is on the chopping block tonight because one of the houseguests will secretly be given the power of coup d'etat, which allows him or her to replace one or both nominees for eviction right before the live vote. Viewer votes determine the coup d'etat winner and the person can use the newfound advantage tonight or next week. It may seem unfair to Russell, this week's Head of Household who made the nominations, but it's a great way to get fans involved and to shake up the game. — Tim Holland

So You Think You Can Dance
8/7 CT Fox
It all started on May 21 with the first round of auditions, but we've finally arrived on the magical night of the Season 5 finale. Brandon Bryant, Evan Kasprzak, Jeanine Mason and Kayla Radomski have made it this far, but only one of them can be crowned America's favorite dancer. In addition to tonight's dramatic ending, the evening also features performances by hip-hop dance group the Rage Boyz Crew and So You Think You Can Dance Australia Season 2 winner Talia Fowler. — Joe Friedrich

Burn Notice
9/8 CT USA
Fiona and Michael haven't exactly been seeing eye-to-eye these days as Michael remains determined to find his way back into the intelligence community. But all that conflict is pushed to the back burner in tonight's summer finale when a dangerous man from Fiona's past returns to Miami and goes after the spunky ex-operative. Needless to say, Michael is none too happy about it. He pairs up with Fiona's brother to get his girl back. — Brie Hearn

Bollywood Hero
10/9 CT IFC
Former SNLer Chris Kattan has the role he was born to play — himself — in this engaging and enjoyable three-part miniseries, which airs over three consecutive nights. Languishing in parts that he deems beneath him (his latest is a "rambunctious alien" in a "moronic" sci-fi cable show), he feels that he's ready to step up to "leading man...hero" status. So when an Indian filmmaker offers him the starring role in a Bollywood epic in which he "fights, dances and gets the girl," he accepts. Ah, but not all turns out to be cinematic nirvana for him. — Ray Stackhouse

Man vs. Fish with Matt Watson
10/9 CT Discovery
When Roy Scheider's police chief Martin Brody met the great white from Jaws, his desire to be on a bigger boat became part of our pop-culture lexicon. When a mako shark smiles for his close-up in the debut of this aptly titled reality series, extreme fisherman Matt Watson meets the pointy-toothed predator while manning a sinking raft. Let's hope the host doesn't get too "chummy" with his guest. — Michael Chant

10/9 CT Biography
In "Badlands," one of his countless blue-collar anthems, Bruce Springsteen sang the words, "talk about a dream; try to make it real." But he's done more than talk. From the time he first bought an electric guitar at a pawnshop, Springsteen made his dream a reality by becoming the voice of the common man. As Bono said at Springsteen's 1999 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction, "They call him the 'Boss.'...He's not the boss. He works for us." Springsteen also rose above early-career hype (including simultaneous Time and Newsweek covers) to create songs and characters brimming with integrity and passion. This hour recalls his life and his enduring career. — Bill Eckund