Defying Gravity Defying Gravity

Blood in the Water
9/8 CT Discovery
Jaws fans, set your DVRs! The source material for Peter Benchley's book and Steven Spielberg's movie comes to life in this dramatic documentary about the 1916 shark attacks along the New Jersey shore. Reenactments and reality-show-type cutaways are juxtaposed with a narrative that compares what scientists knew then to what they know now in one of the coolest Shark Week specials ever. — Michael Chant

Defying Gravity
9/8 CT ABC
Somewhere, Sir Isaac Newton is laughing, but there's nothing funny about this new sci-fi thriller, which kicks off tonight with a two-hour episode. That's not to say there aren't any lighthearted moments, but the mission of the Antares — a six-year journey to Venus and beyond — is as serious as a heart attack. Along the way we'll find out what makes these eight astronauts (four men, four women) tick, and also explore the common, underlying threads in their lives. Ron Livingston, Laura Harris and Malik Yoba star. — Joe Friedrich

Next Food Network Star
9/8 CT Food Network
Debbie had the culinary chops and star quality to take home the top prize, but her lack of personal accountability left a bad taste in the judges' mouths. Now that she's gone, we're down to the final two. In tonight's finale, Melissa and Jeffrey film pilots of their dream shows, with help from Alton Brown. Then they reunite with the eliminated hopefuls, and the Selection Committee announces which one will be awarded their own Food Network cooking show. — Karen Andzejewicz

Drop Dead Diva
9/8 CT Lifetime
More change is on the way for Deb, who takes another step toward leaving the past behind when her parents file for divorce. Unfortunately, Deb's new incarnation, Jane, finds herself stuck in the middle when Deb's mother hires Jane to go head-to-head with Grayson, who is representing Deb's father. Sharon Lawrence and Diedrich Bader guest star. — Rhoda Charles

10/9 CT E!
The Playboy mansion isn't exactly known as the home of wedded bliss, but it's where Kendra and Hank tie the knot on tonight's hourlong double episode that concludes the show's first season. But before the two exchange vows, Kendra attends an ultrasexy bridal shower and celebrates with her groom-to-be at their ritzy rehearsal dinner. — Tim Holland