Real Housewives of Atlanta Real Housewives of Atlanta

X Games
The Los Angeles area has been without the NFL since 1995, which oddly enough was Year 1 of the X Games, the Super Bowl of action sports that has become a SoCal signature every summer at the Home Depot Center and Staples Center. The fit between event and locale is as flawless as a perfectly landed trick on a skateboard, motorcycle or BMX bike, of which you'll see plenty over 15 hours of live coverage the next four days. Skateboard Big Air and Moto X Step Up (like pole-vaulting on a motorcycle) highlight the opening night, with skateboarding legend Tony Hawk joining host Sal Masekela for all the adrenaline-filled commentary. — Roger Leister

So You Think You Can Dance
9/8 CT Fox
To get this far, the six remaining contestants have moves that could be called "so fine," so it's appropriate that tonight's singer, Sean Paul, will be performing his single, "So Fine," from his latest album, Imperial Blaze. But before we get down to the Final Four, they should take a cue from another group of dancers who have what it takes to come out on top: JabbaWockeeZ, the wildly entertaining troupe who won the inaugural season of Randy Jackson Presents: America's Best Dance Crew in 2008. — Joe Friedrich

Burn Notice
9/8 CT USA
Though Michael usually calls on Barry for help with financial schemes, tonight it's Barry who needs assistance after his client list — which is chock-full of money launderers — is stolen. Michael goes after the thief but soon discovers there's more to the crime than he thought. Elsewhere, Fiona and Michael find themselves at yet another impasse when Fiona objects to Michael's willingness to work with Strickler to get back into the intelligence community. — Brie Hearn

She's Got the Look
9/8 CT TV Land
So Shelly's out, but how much did she wish those guns in their action-star fiasco last week had real ammo, so she could get rid of Leeanne once and for all? Well, we'll never know, and anyway there are more important matters at hand, namely the second-season finale. Theresa, Cindy and Leeanne are the last women standing, and tonight they're in Miami for a pair of photo shoots (on the beach and with exotic animals) which will result in one of them being very, very happy — not to mention $100,000 richer! — Joe Friedrich

Real Housewives of Atlanta
10/9 CT Bravo
The South's gonna do it again when the battling belles from Atlanta return to open their second season. It gets hotter in Hotlanta when Sheree celebrates her divorce by basking in a self-styled "independence party." Meanwhile, the ladies turn up at a birthday bash for actress Niecy Nash; and Kim wigs out, aspiring to design a line of wigs by attending cosmetology school. In a casting change, Kandi Burruss is a new housewife, replacing Season 1's DeShawn Snow. — Dean Maurer