Kings Kings

8/7 CT NBC
The first season wraps up tonight as all the double-crossing and family dysfunction come to a head. Jack plans to officially take the throne following his father's "death," but chances are the transition of power won't go smoothly for him. Silas, who, as it turns out, is very much alive, seems to have been inspired by David's prodding and will not allow himself to be overthrown. So who will win in this royal rumble for the throne? Brie Hearn

True Jackson, VP
8/7 CT Nickelodeon
Will Smith's daughter, Willow Smith, follows in her dad's sitcom footsteps when she guest stars in this episode, playing a younger version of True. The teenage VP gets a little stressed when the start of a new school year coincides with her dream work assignment of designing a special window display. True finds that balancing work and school is getting more difficult, and soon she lands in detention. Her father then threatens to make her quit her job if she doesn't ace an oral report at school. Jennifer Sankowski

Being Human
9/8 CT BBC America
What do a 120-year-old vampire, a mild-mannered werewolf and an insecure ghost have in common? They're all shacking up together in this new British dramedy, trying their darnedest to lead normal lives despite the fact that two-thirds of the group aren't technically living. In the series opener, the roommates try keeping their supernatural sides hidden to the outside world, but their dark secrets are starting to catch up with them.  Karen Andzejewicz

8/7 CT BBC America
After three fun seasons, this British import was canceled across the pond, so tonight's Season 3 finale will be its last. Helen Cutter (aka "Eve") is back, and, as usual, she's up to no good. The team follows their deranged nemesis back to the Pliocene period, where she's intent on poisoning the earliest humans to prevent their evolution in Africa's Great Rift Valley. If she succeeds, the results will be catastrophic for all of humanity. Karen Andzejewicz

Malibu Shark Attack
9/8 CT Syfy
If you're afraid of sharks, you might feel safer on dry land. But what would you do if the ocean suddenly drowned your comfort zone? In this 2009 cable movie, Peta Wilson (La Femme Nikita) explores that scenario after an earthquake triggers a tsunami that strands lifeguards and construction workers in the water with very ugly and, of course, very hungry goblin sharks. Michael Chant