Ruby & the Rockits Ruby & the Rockits

Ruby & the Rockits
8:30/7:30 CT ABC Family
Imagine that Keith Partridge grew up and was contacted by his long-lost daughter. That's not exactly the premise for this comedy, but it's close. David Cassidy portrays an aging pop star who was once in a band with his brother (played by David's half brother Patrick). His daughter, Ruby (Alexa Vega), shows up out of the blue, and now irresponsible David needs suburban dad Patrick's help raising her. Shaun Cassidy is the show's creator and an executive producer, keeping it all in the family. — Jennifer Sankowski

Hell's Kitchen
8/7 CT FOX
After only a two-month hiatus, Gordo is back with a new batch of aspiring culinary superstars. And you're invited back for seconds tonight: The season opener is a two-hour seating. Not that you'd want to eat the frozen salmon, soggy pasta or rock-hard brussels sprouts they dish up. And don't forget the antacid: Ramsay gives his carotid artery quite a workout tonight (even for him!) — and he gets as good as he gives. As he told reporters last week, these chefs can behave "like petulant teenagers." — Paul Droesch

Rescue Me
10/9 CT FX
Remember Tommy's brawl with a politician at a firefighter's memorial last week? It catches up with him and also spotlights his return to drinking, which has met with disapproval all season long from Father Mickey, not to mention Tommy's dead relatives, who have been turning up in Mike's bar with disturbing frequency (and without notable success) in efforts to get him to stop. Tonight, the living relatives stage a Team Gavin intervention. Let's see if they can do any better. — Paul Droesch

The Colony
10:01/9:01 CT Discovery
From Mel Gibson's Mad Max days to author Cormac McCarthy's The Road, people have wondered how the human race would fare in a post-apocalyptic world. In the debut of this reality series, ten volunteers hole up in a Los Angeles warehouse to see if they can carry on after a hypothetical global disaster changes the rules of this game called life. — Michael Chant

NYC Prep
9/8 CT Bravo
What does the future hold for our privileged prepsters? It's likely so bright, they've got to wear shades. (It tends to get brighter when one is well-connected, well-financed and well-tended.) Tonight the students focus on their futures: Kelli gets in tune, connecting with a voice coach in an effort to add zip to her singing career; Taylor tries to balance dating, school and dance; and Jessie has big designs on a fashion career. We then turn to a bored and jaded PC, who finally snaps to when he scores a photography gig and lands before the camera, sans shirt. — Dean Maurer