Burn Notice Burn Notice

So You Think You Can Dance
9 pm/ET Fox
We've reached the point that viewers will now decide which two of the remaining 10 contestants are going home, so the pressure is on like never before. And if you've "gotta feeling" who will be moving on, your sentiments may take on a new meaning when the Grammy-winning, hip-hop quartet Black Eyed Peas perform their new single, "I Gotta Feeling," from their fifth studio album, The E.N.D.Joe Friedrich

Burn Notice
9 pm/ET USA
Michael is used to fishing out bad guys when the job calls for it, but he's also no stranger to being the one who's hunted. So when he finds out an operative from his past is coming after him, he turns to a member of Miami's underworld for help. Unfortunately, it's too little, too late and the pair are kidnapped and taken to the wilderness to be interrogated. But who wants to bet that Michael has a few wilderness-survival tricks up his sleeve? — Brie Hearn

J.K. Rowling: A Year in the Life
8 pm/ET ABC
Now that Harry Potter is back in theaters (Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince, based on the next-to-last book in the series, opened yesterday, in case you hadn't noticed), it's as good a time as any to profile the author who gave life to Harry. Elizabeth Vargas hosts this profile (an update of a report that aired in December 2007 in Britain), which follows Rowling back to the Edinburgh café where she wrote Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (later Sorcerer's Stone) while she was a single mom on the dole. — Paul Droesch

Big Brother 11
8 pm/ET CBS 
The new BB house may be environmentally friendly, but it's still filled with backstabbing houseguests who will do most anything to win a half-million dollars. So, who will be the first person to be evicted tonight: Braden from the popular clique or Chima from the brains trio? And with the athletes clique having an extra member since Jessie (the current HOH) from Season 10 was added to the mix last week, will one of them be targeted for eviction by the new Head of Household, who will also be selected tonight? It promises to be a pivotal episode that will determine how the game is played for the remainder of the summer.  — Tim Holland

Penn & Teller: Bull!
10 pm/ET Showtime
R.E.M. had a hit with "It's the End of the World as We Know It (and I Feel Fine)." And just when should we mark our calendars to remind us of this upcoming catastrophic calamity? Are our days numbered? That's what Penn and Teller try to find out when they put their investigative expertise into determining when we can expect the Apocalypse. In one segment, the show heads to Mexico to check out the "Mayan Prophecy," which predicts doomsday arriving on Dec. 21, 2012. Tune in to see if they hit a dead end. — Ray Stackhouse