Entourage Entourage

10:30 pm/ET HBO
It's hard to believe that the last time we saw Vince Chase, prospects were so dim it looked like his charmed movie-star life was over. That, however, was before Martin Scorsese tapped him for the lead in Gatsby, and now he's back among Hollywood's elite as the sixth season gets underway. And by getting ready to take his driver's test, Vince is also flashing an independent streak, but he's not the only one: Eric is shopping around for his own place, and Lloyd gives Ari an ultimatum about his career. — Joe Friedrich

Drop Dead Diva
9 pm/ET Lifetime
The whole two people, one body thing has been done before — remember 1984's All of Me with Lily Tomlin and Steve Martin? — but not quite like this. Brooke D'Orsay stars as a skinny Minnie who, after her unfortunate demise, is brought back to life in the much roomier body of a brilliant attorney (played by Brooke Elliott) with body issues of her own. Margaret Cho and Jackson Hurst round out the cast of this new comedy-drama series, which is sure to put a new spin on split personalities. — Rhoda Charles

True Blood
9 pm/ET HBO
This series took a brief vacation for the July 4 holiday weekend, but get ready to jump back into the weirdness with another episode full of surprises. In the case of missing vampire sheriff Godric, Bill, Sookie and Jessica touch down in Dallas but are greeted by a welcoming party they hadn't bargained for. Meanwhile, Tara's 26th birthday is a convenient occasion for Maryann to unleash another round of bacchanalia on the good citizens of Bon Temps, and it might be stranger than the last one. — Joe Friedrich

9 pm/ET NBC
In 1979, there was the Sean Connery film Meteor. In 1998, audiences were treated to two big-screen thrillers, Deep Impact and Armageddon. Tonight the space-rocks-threaten-Earth genre welcomes Part 1 of this made-for-TV miniseries starring Christopher Lloyd and Jason Alexander. Catch both parts (the conclusion airs next Sunday) to see if the guys who played Reverend Jim from Taxi and George from Seinfeld, respectively, can save the world. — Michael Chant

In Plain Sight
10 pm/ET USA
Romance is in the air for the In Plain Sight gang, but it's not exactly a welcome development. As Mary and Marshall's latest witness settles into his new life, his teen daughter, also in Witsec, struggles to accept the changes and finds herself seeking refuge in a dangerous new romance. On the home front, Mary finds out that Raphael's mother is coming to town and is preparing an engagement party for the pair. — Brie Hearn