Top Chef Masters Top Chef Masters

8 pm/ET ABC
In a variation on a theme, instead of individual competitors, couples will compete with other couples in the extreme obstacle course. Obstacles du jour include the Diving Board Trapeze, Log Roll Maze and the Sweeper Buoy Run. Couples, take your places and may the best pair win. — Fred Mitchell

Time Team America
8 pm/ET PBS
This reality-science hybrid, which gives an archaeological team three-day digs at historical sites in an attempt to uncover new information about them, opens with one of the most mystifying of mysteries in the history of the Americas: What became of the settlers — including Virginia Dare, the first child of British parents to be born in the Americas — of Roanoke Island, the site of England's first settlement in North America in 1586? (After a three-year absence, expedition leader John White returned in 1590 to find they'd left without leaving a forwarding address.) — Jeff Gemmill

Ghost Hunters International
9 pm/ET SyFy
The spin-off kicks off a second season of chasing ghosts beyond America's borders with the team crossing the pond to probe paranormal phenomena linked to Ireland's Wicklow Gaol, an 18th-century prison with a past that makes Alcatraz seem like an island resort. Will the night-vision cameras find restless spirits in a jail where Irish eyes had a hard time smiling? — Michael Chant

Top Chef Masters
10 pm/ET Bravo
Give these four crack cooks a hand, because they'll be minus one in tonight's pressure cooker. With one hand tied behind their backs, chief chefs Anita Lo, Douglas Rodriguez, John Besh and Mark Peel must display sheer dexterity by cooking an egg. There's scrambled action afterward when the chefs conjure up culinary magic to impress notable guests, including actor and amateur magician Neil Patrick Harris. — Dean Maurer

RENO 911!
10:30 PM/ET Comedy Central
The current health-care crisis may be fodder for debate and political posturing in Washington, D.C., but it's outside the Beltway where real Americans are feeling the pinch every day. And in tonight's sixth-season finale, no one's hurting more than Dep. Wiegel, who scrambles to find a partner for couples therapy when her insurance for a psychiatrist runs out. Of course, when the responsibility falls to her colleague Raineesha Williams, it could do more harm than good. — Joe Friedrich