Saving Grace Saving Grace

Deadliest Catch
9 pm/ET Discovery
For this particularly chilly episode, they should have ditched the Bon Jovi song in the opening for "Baby, It's Cold Outside," as frozen things come in threes: frozen gear, frozen crabs and a frozen harbor. Meanwhile, on the Northwestern, skipper Sig Hansen wrestles with his cigarette addiction. Maybe he should consider changing his first name. — Michael Chant

Tiny & Toya
10 pm/ET BET
The Real Housewives of Atlanta won't return to Bravo for another month, but BET is filling that Hotlanta reality void with "the baby mamas of Buckhead": BFFs Tameka "Tiny" Cottle and Antonia "Toya" Carter. Tiny is the girlfriend of one rapper (T.I.) and Toya is the ex-wife of another (Lil Wayne), but both (according to BET) are tired of being known as only that, and tonight they set out to find themselves as cameras roll. Problems? Toya is jealous of Tiny, for one. Then there's T.I.'s prison thing. — Paul Droesch

Rescue Me
10 pm/ET FX
Sean's illness isn't hurting Steven Pasquale's music career (there's another fantasy production number tonight), and it has given plenty of exposure to the splendid Broadway veteran Kathleen Chalfant (a Tony nominee for Angels in America) as Sean's ma and Kevin Chapman (Showtime's Brotherhood) as his useless brother. By the way, Sean has regained consciousness. But will Tommy drink himself into oblivion? His Greek chorus (his dead dad, brother and son, and Jimmy Keefe) is back again. — Paul Droesch

Saving Grace
10 pm/ET TNT
A case for Grace turns explosively personal when a bomb detonates at a church — the very worship house where Grace's brother serves as priest. Meanwhile, there's Grace's best gal pal, criminologist Rhetta Rodriguez (a consistently solid Laura San Giacomo), who has her own personal blowup: She's haunted by profound family problems, so she seeks comfort by searching for a nostalgic time capsule she and Grace buried as children. And Grace keeps a bedside watch on the mysterious female addict who, like Grace, holds an otherworldly connection to scruffy angel Earl. — Dean Maurer

Nova scienceNow
9 pm/ET PBS
The science magazine hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson returns for a new season with a segment that may bring a smile to many a prospective groom's face: artificial diamonds that are so much like the real "girl's best friend" that they're impossible to tell apart. Also featured is the controversial Auto-Tune software, which can take a bad singer and make him (or her) better by manipulating the sound waves after the fact---as Tyson himself finds out. — Jeff Gemmill