Mark Feuerstein Mark Feuerstein

NBA Draft
7:30 pm/ET ESPN
As if the NBA's worst record in 2008-09 wasn't bad enough for the Kings, they also got the worst pick in the 2009 draft that they could have possibly gotten. Granted, it's only the fourth overall pick, but that is the way the NBA draft-lottery system is set up. Blake Griffin is widely expected to be taken at No. 1 by the Clippers, who managed to grab the top pick in last month's lottery. After the first pick, it gets more murky with Ricky Rubio from Spain and Hasheem Thabeet from UConn. — Brendan Curley

So You Think You Can Dance
9 pm/ET Fox
When Kristinia DeBarge sang "Goodbye" last week, let's hope Max and Ashley didn't take it personally, especially since they were the second pair of the season to bid farewell. But if the contestants are in fact taking their cues from the music, it's a great fit tonight when Australian pop group the Veronicas perform the dance hit "Take Me on the Floor" from their second album, Hook Me Up. — Joe Friedrich

She's Got the Look
9 pm/ET TVLand
No one was more pleased by Laurie's dramatic, strangely voluntary exit last week than Shelly, but with a rivalry brewing with Leeanne, she may be out of the frying pan and right back into the fire. Judge Sean Patterson is having none of it, however, and he's looking for one of the remaining nine women to step up and take charge of this competition. So with a vacuum at the top, there could be no better mentor than tonight's guest judge, supermodel Frederique, to show them the way. — Joe Friedrich

Royal Pains
10 pm/ET USA
Hank's got his hands full this week when he comes to the aid of Allison Moore, the owner and head chef of a hip Hamptons eatery. After suffering a stroke that induces amnesia, Allison disappears, leaving Hank scrambling to treat her before long-term damage occurs. And when he's not chasing down his patient, Hank attempts to take things slow with Jill. He plans a brunch date with her on what would have been his wedding day. — Brie Hearn

Samantha Who?
8 pm/ET ABC
Christina Applegate's sitcom is back on the schedule with a special guest star: Duran Duran's John Taylor. The Duran Duran bassist is typecast as a rock star who's dating Sam. She was enthralled by him in her youth but has no memory of those old feelings. Andrea and Dena, however, have no such problem and can't help fawning all over him. — Fred Mitchell