The Cleaner
10 pm/ET A&E
 "Clean" doesn't always mean "bright" as evidenced by the gloomy second-season opener, which features guest star Whoopi Goldberg. The main story follows William's attempt to help a national-news anchor, played by Gary Cole, who claims to have been clean for years, but William knows better. The irony is that the man is a spokesperson for recovery. There's also little light behind the scenes, with William's troubled marriage and news of a friend's terminal illness. — Bill Ecklund

The Superstars
8 pm/ET ABC
Mixing celebrities with dancers worked for ABC, so why not pair stars with athletes in a tweaked version of the old Wide World of Sports spin-off that was once popular on the network? Eight celebs, including the physically fit Ali Landry and Joanna Krupa, are paired with pro athletes (Terrell Owens and Bode Miller, among them) to compete in a series of athletic events, with one duo getting eliminated each week. In the opener, the teams participate in a bicycle race — but are given only one bike — and in a kayak relay race. It all takes place at the lush Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas. Nice gig, if you can get it. — Tim Holland

America's Got Talent
9 pm/ET NBC
The British version of this show recently made splashy Web headlines that tracked the fascinating real-world dramas of contestant Susan Boyle. Will a Susan Boyle-type emerge in this season's U.S. edition? We'll find out soon enough, as the colorful variety talent show kicks off its fourth year with country-spanning preliminary auditions. Nick Cannon serves as the new host, replacing Jerry Springer. Remaining in place is that familiar trio of arbiters — David Hasselhoff, Sharon Osbourne and Piers Morgan (who has hinted in reports that Boyle may appear sometime this season). — Dean Maurer

NYC Prep
10 pm/ET Bravo
The lives of six well-connected, well-tended teens in Manhattan's elite prep-school scene open up in this unscripted series, a sort of Gossip Girl in the real world. The show captures this dirty half-dozen as they party, dine and whine, shop and schmooze. There may be some studying in there as well. In the premiere, dramas twirl around seniors Jessie and PC, who share a romantic history. Then there's sophomore Sebastian, who casts his Lothario spell on Kelli. And Camille's preoccupation with Harvard may be stifling her social life. These kids are at the top of the class, but are they class acts? — Dean Maurer

Primetime: Family Secrets
10:01 pm/ET ABC
Primetime is back for the summer with a new round of its compartmentalized editions, starting with Family Secrets on Tuesdays. Tonight's "family secret" is teen pregnancy, and it's explored from the perspectives of teens in Kentucky, Washington state and Texas. Correspondent Jay Schadler also visits sex-education classes in Massachusetts and Texas, and he finds two differing approaches to the subject. — Paul Droesch