Greek Greek

8 pm/ET ABC Family
As R.E.M. sang, "It's the end of the world as we know it." Actually, it's just the end of Season 2 for the college drama, though Kappa Tau is hosting an "End of the World" party. The doomsday festivities coincide with some inner turmoil Casey is experiencing as she feels torn between her feelings for both Max and Cappie. This leaves Casey too busy to help Ashleigh, who's been accused of sabotaging a homecoming float. Meanwhile, Dale and Calvin attempt to help each other abide by a mutual purity pledge they take. — Jennifer Sankowski

Raising the Bar
10 pm/ET TNT
Here comes the judge: The second episode of the courtroom drama's sophomore season centers on new judge Albert Farnsworth (John Michael Higgins), an oppressively strict arbiter who makes harsh judge Trudy Kessler look like a blushing choir girl. It'll be a full-court press for both Jerry and Michelle when they go before him. Their case grows more problematic when Michelle then falls for a sightly cop who may be committing perjury. Meanwhile, it's double trouble in a case revolving around a pair of twin golden-agers accused of falsifying a welfare check. Venerable comics Jack Carter and Shelley Berman guest star. — Dean Maurer

The Bachelorette
8 pm/ET ABC
With the field down to 10, Jillian's preferences have emerged: Shy and sweet trumps bold and aggressive, and she'll tolerate a tattler (lucky for you, Tanner) but not ungentlemanly behavior. Or two-timing. Especially two-timing, which hovers over the ski slopes around the British Columbia resort town of Whistler like a gathering snow squall. And it won't pass until Jillian finds out which of her suitors has a girlfriend. Maybe it'll happen tonight, when two more guys are sent packing. — Paul Droesch

Run's House
10 pm/ET MTV
Rev Run's fun-loving family is back for another season of their "reality sitcom." This time around, we'll get to know little Miley Simmons, the family's newest addition, who's now walking and talking. And Daddy's Girls Vanessa and Angela, who relocated to Los Angeles last year, will be heading home from time to time to ensure their younger brothers and sister are staying on track. In the opener, the entire brood travels to Hawaii for some fun in the sun. — Karen Andzejewicz

Joe Buck Live
9 pm/ET HBO
HBO swaps one baby-faced sportscasting mainstay for another as Fox play-by-play man extraordinaire Joe Buck takes over the sports-and-celebrity chat hour formerly occupied by Bob Costas. Now 40 (he came into the world the same year as Jon Voight's Joe Buck in Midnight Cowboy), the son of the legendary Jack Buck gets a chance to have some full-on fun without Tim McCarver or Troy Aikman tethered to his side. Like Costas, Buck is a walking encyclopedia of sports history and takes a well-reasoned approach to hot topics like the Brett Favre saga, but a more comic vibe is planned on Buck's watch, highlighted by taped sketches from the Will Ferrell Web site Funny or Die. — Roger Leister