Rescue Me Rescue Me

9 pm/ET Fox
Prolific actor David Carradine, who died June 3, guest stars as a catatonic patient in this episode of the hospital drama. A famous author-professor (Carradine) and his wife are struck by lightning, killing her and rendering him catatonic. It's up to Jack to bring the author back to reality, and — true to form — Jack devises a risky, unorthodox treatment. Heating things up is the growing physical attraction between Jack and his patient's daughter (Estella Warren). — Fred Mitchell

Live from Lincoln Center
8 pm/ET PBS
In honor of the Lincoln Center's 50th anniversary, Yo-Yo Ma and the Silk Road Ensemble (a collective of virtuoso performers from around the globe, founded in 1998) take to the stage at New York City's Damrosch Park. The set includes traditional fare from China and the Middle East, such as "Wa Habibi" (a traditional Christian-Arab Easter song) and "Shikasta" by Azerbaijani composer Uzeyir Hajibeyov, as well as tabla stalwart Sandeep Das' "Shristi." — Jeff Gemmill

Real Housewives of New Jersey
10 pm/ET Bravo
It's a casino royale for Jersey girls Dina, Caroline and Teresa when they journey to Atlantic City for a lucky ladies' weekend of gambling (and shopping, of course). It's a good bet that diva dramas will mount, particularly when Teresa bickers with her husband and considers getting plastic surgery. Meanwhile, the stakes are high for Danielle, whose relationship with her boyfriend crumbles. And the plot thickens at a quaint birthday lunch, which quickly deteriorates into a clawing and jawing catfight. — Dean Maurer

Rescue Me
10 pm/ET FX
Tommy might be a self-absorbed drunk, but as you'll see tonight, on the job he's clearly one of the FDNY's finest. So it's too bad that the drinking is beginning to get bad again. Sheila tries to get him to cut back because she wants him to be sober enough to be able to watch out for Damien. Meanwhile, Teddy plays father-son matchmaker to a dying vet; Sean finally gets his chain-smoking mother (Kathleen Chalfont) to pay attention to him; and Lou has a visitor he doesn't want to see. — Paul Droesch

Food Party

11:15 pm/ET IFC
How does one begin to explain this outrageously bizarre show? Creator-star Thu Tran, her wacky friends and a goofy cast of puppets turn everyday situations into absurdly comic misadventures that have something to do with food. The sets are cheesy; the humor's corny; and the plots are downright nutty. In the opener, lovelorn Thu decides the perfect mate for her is her and that she should marry herself. Naturally, there's a proposal, wedding preparations, a bachelorette party, a ceremony and a reception. It all adds up to one strange brew. — Ray Stackhouse